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Deutsch / Re: GPS Mode (INS13) führt zu chaotischen Bewegungen
« Last post by karla on February 11, 2020, 01:14:48 am »
Ja. Wenn Sie ins13 verwenden, kann die Fluglagenposition wie von Ihnen beschrieben abprallen, bevor Sie den Kompass (Magnetometer) konfiguriert und kaliobriert haben. Sie können das interne oder ein externes Magnetometer verwenden. Die Verwendung von beiden ist normalerweise keine gute Idee.
Bitte schauen Sie hier ...
General Discussion / Re: Joystick
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on February 11, 2020, 01:10:49 am »
I would suggest either using a much higher baud rate, say 100K or direct wired connection for initial testing.

You didn't mention what LP version you are using.

Can you at least get the joystick recognized in GCS?  Set it up and calibrate it in GCS under Tools -> Options -> Controller.  I got this working fine with a standard analog joystick on a port that was part of a sound card.  Have you seen this GCS page?
General Discussion / Joystick
« Last post by [email protected] on February 10, 2020, 04:30:22 pm »
I have a standard thurstmaster joystick.

Followed the guide

Does not work.

Librepilot does not seem to receive any inputs from the Joystick.

If i use another app to configure the joystick and map it to keys, it can clearly see and identify the joystick, so I dont think there is anything wrong at driver lever with the joystick.

Librepilot however does not allow me to select a joystick anywhere (An actual device).

Please assist.
Deutsch / GPS Mode (INS13) führt zu chaotischen Bewegungen
« Last post by toasterpilot on February 10, 2020, 01:25:03 pm »
Ich versuche zum wiederholten Mal meinen alten Hexacopter mit Revolution FC zusammen mit einem Ublox Neo7 zum laufen zu bringen. (Hatte auch schon einen anderen GPS-Empfänger angeschlossen) Hardware ist konfiguriert (Attitude Estimation Algorithm noch: "Complementary") , die Lage des Hexacopters (z.B. Pitch/Roll) wird stabil angezeigt, der GPS Empfänger liefert eine genaue Position "DOP 1,6" was meines Erachtens her sehr gut ist. Alles scheint prima zu sein, inklusive erfolgreichen Flugversuchen.
Wenn ich dann GPS wirklich aktiviere (Attitude Estimation Algorithm auf: "GPS Navigation (INS13)" scheint für eine Moment alles zu funktionieren, dann jedoch fangt die Fluglage an in alle Richtungen zu zucken => d.H. obwohl der Hexacopter still auf dem Boden steht meint er plötzlich zu allen Seiten zappeln, teilweise sogar auf den Kopf. Dann steht er zwischendurch kurz still. Besonders schlimm ist es beim wechseln von Flugmodi. Ich getraue mich so nicht zu fliegen. Ich bin erfahrener Elektroniker und habe alles was mir einfällt gecheckt. Mir scheint es ist ein Algorithmus Problem. Vorallem da der GPS-Empfänger ja gar keine Lage Information sendet, nur Positionsinformationen.
Zum Test habe ich Betaflight geflasht, und kann keine derartigen Probleme feststellen. Möchte aber bei Librepilot bleiben.
Hat jemand ähnliche Probleme oder Erfahrungen? Danke
General Discussion / Re: Problem with USB - Revolution
« Last post by karla on February 07, 2020, 09:57:56 am »
yes, seems logical.
will take that in to consideration.
General Discussion / Re: Problem with USB - Revolution
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on February 07, 2020, 06:43:15 am »
I know that a long time ago there was an effort made to allow different versions to be installed at the same time, but I would look into that causing a problem...  Some LP version needs a certain set of versions of libraries it uses and a different LP version that was built in a different year may need other libraries?

So the question is whether any FC, running the same version number of firmware as the "bad" Sparky2s will connect where the "bad" Sparky2s fail (Mac).

Linux has a packaging system called Snaps that includes all the system libs.  I think there is a version for MacOS too.  If we used this, a user with an old system could install for instance a new GCS that uses say a new QT that the old OS doesn't normally support?
General Discussion / Re: Problem with USB - Revolution
« Last post by karla on February 07, 2020, 04:32:32 am »
Have you tried the Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager driver stuff in the wiki?
This is all USB, not OpLink which can need increased baud/air rate?
Run LP as administrator?
Disconnecting internet connection then disable anti-virus anti-malware and try it then?

Have you tried uninstalling LP / Windows Update / reinstalling LP?
No, everytime doing that, there are some boards that will work and other will not with different versions.
Most things run just fine now with all versions I have installed. Will keep it like this for a while.

I suspect it is a Windows thing rather than a hardware thing.  I have never tried it, but if you have enough memory, you could boot a Linux live DVD and install a Linux version to prove that the hardware works.  It all stays in RAM, so the Windows hard drive is not touched.
I also think its a windows thing. I actually have a partition on the PC with Ubuntu and LP 16.09 installed (same UAVO Hash).
Both Sparky boards works fine there  :)
Now trying to install next r782 on Linux.
Have some problems with VPN to reach and download all files needed...

A bit strange though that the Sparkies don't want to be recognised with any next version on the Mac, later than 16.09.
Maybe I will have to first uninstall 16.09 and then only install for example r782 on the Mac to make it work.
General Discussion / Re: fw_coptercontrol_ibus14ch question
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on February 06, 2020, 08:35:03 pm »
It only took me a few minutes to select the version and compile the code.  @f5soh did the research and wrote the code change.
General Discussion / Re: fw_coptercontrol_ibus14ch question
« Last post by chartel on February 06, 2020, 02:37:51 pm »
YES, IT WORKED, thank you very much.
on my osd I have the rssi level always at zero, BUT on the RC Input Tab on the accessory RSSI is working,
as I move away the signal strength goes down.
Now I have to open the drone to connect the FTDI adapter and see what is wrong with the configuration of the minimosd micro.
I have the minimosd micro connected to the main port with the MSP option,
I'm using the firmware "LP_All_From_Revo170818.hex" and the software I use is MWOSD, so far I think everything is fine,
must be something that I did wrong in the settings of the micro minimosd.
thanks :)
Chinese / librepilot系列文档中文翻译及交流学习
« Last post by xfce on February 06, 2020, 10:13:44 am »
 :D 预告,从下周开始,本人将把之前翻译的librepilot/openpilot系类的wiki翻译文档,以及开发设计的一些相关硬件模块,调试心得等文章,陆续发布于此,同时,将同步发到微信公众号,欢迎扫码关注交流,谢谢!

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