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Link to picture showing large X2 (bad) and small X2 (good).  So far, that seems a good way to know which is good or bad without testing.;topic=4197.0;attach=7316
hey, let me check what I have in my bin.
Think I have some.
will take some days...
When these first came out I bought a set of OpLink Air/Ground (but no Revo Mini, I wanted the SMA on the Ground) and found they did not work with any of my other OpLink stuff (bad clone RFM22 chip).  Big change in RSSI, looks like once a "hop cycle".  This culminated in finding the bad RFM22 chips with the large X2.

My question is whether anyone has bought these lately (or ever) and found that they use the good RFM22 chip.

I might consider buying a Revo Mini, but I would like the option to add RF later if I want, and if that RF is always broken I will just stick with regular Revos.

As an aside, I bet we could determine which hop messes up and code an option to skip that.  This would allow mixing good and bad OpLinks.  We might even have an edge case issue (e.g. 0x0000=0xFFFF or a 0x8000 as positive/negative) that could be corrected.  Are there actually 251 (40kHz) channels (0 to and including 250)?  That would mean that at least one hop is completely outside the band or that the two endpoints are on the band edges.  I tried to flag this long ago...
Firmware General / Re: Revolution firmware [SOLVED]
« Last post by jbjbjb82 on January 19, 2022, 06:09:01 pm »
The beeps I menctioned are not caming from the board, but from Windows when the board is connected/disconnected. And the Safe Boot didn't become active before. But...

Finally, I got the board connected to the CGS and working under Windows 11 !!!

What I did was: a clean install of Windows 10. Then I instaled LP CGS 16.09, and the board was successfully connected to the CGS. The BL was v6 and the FW was v15.09. I upgraded the FW to 16.09 with no problem. Just to be sure, I made a new DFU installation of BL and FW with LP DFU Flash, and then upgraded again the FW to v16.09.

After that, I made a new clean installation of W11, and installed LP, now the board is connected to the CGS and it seems to be working properly.

I guess that the problem could be with the device drivers: when I installed W11 by the first time, it was not a clean installation, but a migration from W10, and maybe that some drivers in W11 were inherited from W10 and not installed properly or get corrupted; then when I connected the board, I didn't had a COM port and a USB composite device. Now with the clean W11 installation, the board is recognized and working fine,  and those COM and USB devices appears in the DD Admin.

So, thank you for all your hints and support, it may be in the future some guys can benefit from this experience. My conclusion: I recommend a clean installation of W11 over a migration from W10.
Firmware General / Re: Revolution firmware
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on January 19, 2022, 07:01:18 am »
The board beeps every 5 seconds,

the blue led goes out for a second, and and the DD window refresh, it seems that it is trying to connect but it doesn't, the beep repeats every 5 seconds, forever...

Revolution boards don't have a beeper, so I guess you mean that everything is connected to the board and that the motors are beeping via the ESCs.  I mention this in the unlikely case: if the board has a beeper, it is not a Revo.

Blue LED goes out every 5 (to 7) seconds is a sign that the code has locked up and the watchdog has rebooted it.  In my personal experience, this is usually caused by invalid/conflicting settings, or incorrect wiring.

Just some info: I would not think it likely that Windows 11 would cause a Revo lockup (and thus the 5 second boot loop).  I have not heard of anyone trying Windows 11, so it is possible that it doesn't work, at least without some setting in Windows.  I recall that some previous versions of Windows had some backward compatibility (previous Windows versions) mode settings.

With problems like this it sometimes helps to try a different USB cable or to completely uninstall and reinstall GCS.  Also the wiki has some troubleshooting steps to remove the driver.  I know you have tried some of this already...

Try the following and report back:
- disconnect absolutely everything from the Revo leaving it unpowered and no USB connection
- do not plug in Revo USB until told to
- run GCS and go to Firmware tab
- press Rescue and follow the instructions to plug in Revo USB
- after a few seconds (say less than 10 seconds), some of the grayed out buttons become active
- press Safe Boot and see if that lets it connect

Did Safe Boot become active or did Revo continue to do blue LED 5 second boot loop?  Did Safe Mode allow you to connect normally with GCS?
Firmware General / Re: Revolution firmware
« Last post by jbjbjb82 on January 18, 2022, 11:39:29 pm »
I am using GCS 16.09. It is supposed that when I connect the board to the USB port, a new "USB composite device" must appear in the Device Driver administrator, but it doesn't appears, only appears  "Revolution" in the "USB Devices" section . The board beeps every 5 seconds, the blue led goes out for a second, and and the DD window refresh, it seems that it is trying to connect but it doesn't, the beep repeats every 5 seconds, forever...

My next step is to replace Windows 11 with a fresh windows 10 install, I'll keep you informed of the result.
Hardware / Re: How activate a buzzer when there no free rc channels...
« Last post by mikesoler on January 14, 2022, 02:12:06 pm »
A web software development team should include a UI/UX designer and a back-end developer. The front-end developer will create the design elements of the website. The back-end developer will write the code that makes the design elements behave the way they should. These individuals must be a part of the web software development team. The developer should have a master's degree in computer science or a degree in a related field.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: Convert racing controller PIDs to CC3D
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on January 10, 2022, 08:50:20 am »
Just some general musings:

OP/LP tries to create settings that are based on measurement units (e.g. degrees per second, seconds, meters, meters per second per second) and use floating point to allow some of it (e.g. very small numbers).  Even within OP/LP there are simplifications to make e.g. tunings into "unitless" numbers 00-99 (Stabilization -> Use Basic Configuration View).

Even within OP/LP there are multiple forms (maths) of PIDs.  For instance, one of these cannot have a P term of zero, but the other can.  One has a Beta (wind-up decay) term and the other an ILimit (wind-up hard limit) term.  I think that only the ILimit form can "perfectly" compensate for constant drift.

There are other reasonable measurement units like feet and radians.  I don't know that all/many firmwares even try to make their settings based on units.  I would guess that some just use 00-99 or 000-999, at least initially.  Some, like the Fahrenheit temperature scale or qwerty keyboards may be based on their version 1.0, and scale later versions to match that.

Changing "loop times" for those firmwares that use a big loop will change require different PIDs if not internally scaled by loop time.  I would make a guess though that all modern loop-based firmwares scale PIDs by loop time.

Unrelated to your testing and generally invisible, there is a factor of 1000 in internal OP/LP PID calculations that is a relic of integer math beginnings.  Multiply by 1000 at the beginning and divide by 1000 at the end.  Still in the latest next.  Now (unless it is optimized out, which I doubt) it is just a lot (at least 500 times a second times RPY=3 times 4 per call plus a lot of others at lower rates) of useless extra floating point multiplies/divides.  Back of envelope calculation says this is not a noticeable percentage of CPU though...  It is one of the things on my list of things to change, or at least to remember needs changing.  :)
Vehicles - Helicopters / Convert racing controller PIDs to CC3D
« Last post by jcg1541 on January 09, 2022, 10:15:34 pm »

More than 3 different racing flight software in the market have "define" PID_SERVO_MIXER_SCALING 0.7,  PTERM_SCALE 0.032029, etc, vintage scaling in their pid.h .
In the video, the left side is controlled by such a racing controller with those vintage scaling numbers set by a racing champion robot or an anonymous human.
The right side is controlled by a CC3D Atom.
Both sides have identical main blades, RPM, swash mix, servos, tail motor, tail prop, weight, and weight distribution.
With racing controller on the left side, scaled PIDs are 45/118/0 , tail 34/10/28 , seen in configuration dump.
With CC3D on the right side, the true PIDs are 0.002/0.04/0, tail 0.0013/0.003/2.1e-5, seen in Stabilization/Advanced tab.

For gyro-only-control, straight-line flying (the b and c terms in pid2 of Matlab are canceled by zero steering), the conversion is to undo the vintage scaling as so,
Pracing * 0.032029 * 0.7 / 1000 * 2 = Pcc3d   , e.g.   45*0.032029*0.7/1000*2 =  0.002
Iracing   * 0.244381 * 0.7 / 1000 * 2 = Icc3d    , e.g. 118*0.244381*0.7/1000*2 = 0.04
Dracing * 0.000529 * 0.7 / 1000 * 2 = Dcc3d   , e.g.   28*0.000529*0.7/1000*2 = 2.1e-5
. The 1/1000 factor is an emulation of PWM 2000-1000 in racing controllers. The factor 2 is the banking/pitching/yawing force fraction toward mixer signed range, -1 to +1, in CC3D.

 The temperature on the left side is -1 degree Celsius. Even lower temperature of -9 degrees Celsius is on the right side of the video.
General Discussion / Re: How is the development going?
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on January 08, 2022, 07:48:20 am »
My own opinion:
Most LibrePilot developers are not very active right now and that has been true for a couple years.  :(

We have not had a true release in 5+ years, but there have been commits posted and merged in to the "next" version.  The latest such commits were in 2019.  Next does have some nice new(?) features but generally you need to install everything clean and copy tunes etc from the old version.

I personally have a list a mile long of tweaks, features, and fixes I would like to add but have been too lazy to do.  ;)
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