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General Discussion / Re: Clarity on LibrePilot hardware/controllers
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on November 13, 2018, 09:15:48 am »
CC3D Atom OpenPilot Flight Control Board Authorized ... LMAO.

CC3D, Atom, and the first two boards you linked are all electrically identical (OK, programatically identical).  The code can't tell the difference.  They are all CC3D's.

My guesses: Revo Nano (slower, 100mhz CPU and no telemetry on board) came along at the end of OpenPilot's life and was a bit expensive when compared to full featured Revo clones.  I suspect the main people legitimately interested were racers but other boards with other firmwares were at least cheaper if you only wanted racing.  These other boards were hotly hyped by startup firmware groups.  There was also a fervor for the Nano when it first came out, but to me it seemed more of a bubble that went away as OpenPilot faded.

Up until about early 2018 you could still buy authentic Nanos, and for a good, clearance price.  That batch went away.  You can still buy the clearance of the last of the authentic Sparky2's (black PCB and perfect) on eBay.  I don't know where you might get an authentic Revo, other than from an end user.

The last board you linked to is a Revo Mini which is electrically equivalent to a regular Revo (168mhz CPU) that has the telemetry removed.  It is not a Nano.  You can buy the missing telemetry module called an OpLink Air, but why not just by a Revo then?  Perhaps this Revo Mini is a good FC for someone who doesn't or can't (e.g. illegal frequency) use telemetry.  FYI: "next" has support for other telemetry frequency bands; that basically requires replacing the Revo's / Sparky2's / OpLink's RF daughter board to change from 433mhz to 915 or 868.  Very good soldering skills and tools required.  I am not aware of any of these boards (Revo / Sparky2 / OpLink) being available on 915 or 868, but there are undoubtedly some out there done in very small volume, at least for personal use.

All that is left of any of these are clones, although there are some originals around.  In order of clone volume (my guess):
- CC3D and variants
- Revo and variants
- Sparky2 (no variants that I know of)
- Nano (one variant on a Revo sized board existed that I know of)

Historical note:  What we call a regular Revo now days was actually initially called a Revo Mini because there was an unreleased full size Revo.  TauLabs and derivatives still call the regular Revo a Revo Mini.

The cloners have completely bastardized the names CC3D and Nano and add these two words to any boards associated with OpenPilot, just to get people to click and look.  Atom is not far behind.
General Discussion / Clarity on LibrePilot hardware/controllers
« Last post by SimonTA on November 12, 2018, 09:39:00 pm »
Hi there

I see from reading widely and the link immediately below that in terms of LibrePilot hardware/controllers there are only the following boards: coptercontrol, cc3d and Atom, Revolution and Revo Nano boards, and the Sparky2 board.

I have a couple of queries regarding the Atom and Revolution boards:

Can/should the HobbyKing boards (two links below) be classified simply as Chinese-made replicas of original Atom board?

In other words, despite the two very different packaging/case styles and branding, the enclosed PCB in these HobbyKing boards, is identical to the LibrePilot board – the details of which appear on the site -- ?

Again on the HobbyKing site I found the following

One of the reviewers says: “One question is how this mini compares against the RevoNano, which is endorsed by the official OpenPilot developers, but also rare in the market.” So, this appears to be a cut-down version of the standard LibrePilot Revolution and not a Revo Nano board? I guess it is yet another Chinese-made board based on the original revolution design?

Why is the Revolution Nano board so rare in the market place? Is it not being manufactured yet?

I look forward to receiving some comments/clarification.


Showroom / Traxxas Spartan Speed boat with LibrePilot
« Last post by karla on November 12, 2018, 10:49:37 am »
Hello all!

This project was to add FPV capabilities to a fantastically engineered speed boat, enhance the range of operation, get a RTB function for failsafe and open for waypoint autonomous stuff. It worked out fine I think.

Boat/Motor/ESC: Traxxas, Spartan Race Boat
Battery: 2 x 5500 mAh LiPo 3S, mounted in series (6s).
Top speed: 44+ knots, 80+ km/h, 50+ mph

FC HW: OpenPilot Revolution Nano
FC SW: LibrePilot next 16.09 (r711)
Radio receiver module: OpenPilot OPLink Mini 433Mhz, replacing Traxxas stock 4.2Ghz receiver)
Antenna: Dipole 1/4 wave lentght (for now)
GPS: DJI NAZA-M LIGHT (likely a clone)

. First need to replace the Traxxas proprietary battery connectors into standard XT60 (see picture)
. FC and OPLM is installed in a water resistant plastic box in the roof of the boat cover.
. GPS/MAG unit is mounted above deck far aft away from ESC and power cables
. FPV cam with 5.8GHz vtx mounted on top of the boat cover (removable)
. LED (WS2811) installed on top of the cover showing system health/warnings

Note: both FC + OPLM unit can be fitted in the waterproof case where the Traxxas radio was located.
I just wanted easier access to them and don’t intend to race or run at top speed but rather do FPV and Waypoints things.

The modification/installation of LibrePilot was really easy.
Just to follow the Vehicle Setup Wizard for Boat.

When choosing boat vehicle, after saving and rebooting it will show car, but the settings are saved okay for the boat.

Just found two tunings needed:

1. the default values of the PID settings for YAW is too high and this boat will start oscillate driving over say 70% throttle.
I use stabilization AxisLock for YAW.
Defaults should be reduce by 30%.

2.  the default values in the GroundPathFollower, Velocity limits are too low to provide enough speed for the rudder to work in RTB mode.

At the moment, I don't know yet what is better values.

Attached is the UAV file.
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: Oscillation during descendings.
« Last post by Schugy on November 11, 2018, 07:33:52 pm »
Took my old UOV-values and when I enter them in LpTune and change the settings from "Rapid ESC (PWM sync)" to "Oneshot125 (active braking)" the resulting PIDs are a lot higher. Flies like a hole new quad. Also took my quad out today and I could hardly make it feed energy back into the battery(-3A/-36W). Straight descend was almost as fast as ascend (-5.9 m/sec), height was only 20 m. As always take numbers with a grain of salt.
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: I can't get to take off any help
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on November 11, 2018, 06:46:25 pm »
A little more info is needed for help.

What does it do?
 - no power to lift up
 - instant flip
 - are you running a lipo alarm so you know your (maybe worn out) battery is not sagging?
 - how many cells is your battery?
 - how many blades on each prop?
 - is the CC3D rotated from normal installation?  Normally, the arrow points forward, and the ESC connectors are on the right side.
 - what is your experience level
 - you said "kv2205 22300 motors" and I suspect that it is really "size 2205 - kv2300 motors"

With answers to these questions and especially with a video of what happens, including throttle stick, we might be able to help.  :)
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: Oscillation during descendings.
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on November 11, 2018, 06:38:02 pm »
Perhaps even more important is that you have the PIDs tuned tightly (high), which is really the way they should be anyway.

For Revo class FCs, it's amazing how much difference you get for this problem if you run AutoTune.
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: Oscillation during descendings.
« Last post by Schugy on November 11, 2018, 01:46:49 pm »
Luckily my PNP-quad has ESCs that could be converted from older SimonK firmware to BLHeli 14.9 firmware (also two years old already). With regenerative braking (called "damped light" in BLHeli or "complement pwm" in SimonK) the propellers are not freewheeling but actively controlled during descent. Still not perfect because of the vortexes but much better.
On 3S/12.6V with 30V/38A burst FETs I have enough headroom for the voltage spikes that can occur when all motors brake violently.
Vehicles - MultiRotors / I can't get to take off any help
« Last post by francknivada on November 11, 2018, 12:07:44 am »
I have build zmr250 with cc3d  open pilot board,5" propellers kv2205 22300 motors 12amph bl helis escs I can't get to take off any help
General Discussion / Re: frsky sbus problem
« Last post by utoedter on November 08, 2018, 08:59:21 pm »
172-1811 is normal on sbus.


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General Discussion / frsky sbus problem
« Last post by steve2000 on November 08, 2018, 08:55:01 pm »
don’t know if this has been asked but strange values on reciever inputs sorry cc3d xm+ rx tx qx7?
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