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Google search for:
  "m2" aluminum standoff
brings up some hits such as these at banggood which would have to be cut down:
Any time you make changes to RF settings, you must have that board directly plugged into USB.  This means that you should use USB to change Reve RF (OpLink) settings.  Start from there.

GCS set to OpLinkCoordinator
Revo set to OpLinkReceiver

Leave DeviceID set to AutoGen on both sides.

Copy DeviceID from coordinator side and put it into CoordinatorID field on Revo side.

I suggest you use 57600 for CommSpeed (both sides).

Both set to "data only" and all other settings matching.  For this initial testing, set power low on both, like 1.25mw
So were you able to successfully use CF to flash the file I posted?

And after that, plugging in USB you should get a fading on and off LED.

And using manual rescue method with LP GCS (press Rescue THEN plug in USB) it connects or not?  If that doesn't get an error, then right there you should be able to do Upgrade and Erase.

After that it should work normally.

So exactly where do you have the first problem?
Applications - Autonomous Flight / Re: Incorrect behavior with INS13
« Last post by sam028 on Today at 04:55:23 pm »
New revo board received and plugged in. I did a quick flight in Complementary mode and so far so good. The baro on the previous board was good but this one looks better.

But now I'm stuck with the OPLink configuration, no communication... Here my setup:
- copter side:
- ground station side:
And yes, the antennas are plugged on each side.

Any idea of what could be wrong?

Vehicles - MultiRotors / Where to get M2*5mm aluminum standoffs ?
« Last post by Mateusz on Today at 02:41:26 pm »

Does anyone know where to get M2 screw, 5mm long (not including screw, so can be 5+3) aluminium spacer/standoff ?
Please do not reply to this post, with other suggestions if it's not aluminium and dimensions not as specified.

General Discussion / Re: CC3D not detected by PC? Orange blinkning light
« Last post by memz180 on Today at 01:11:58 pm »
Hi Cliff,

Thanks, however still no luck, when flashed i can connect to rescue mode however windows is still stating that the device USB is unrecognized which was the original error. So cant seem to get it to connect.

I can however get it back to clean flight and Beta flight with no issues. I've been trying for a week straight for hours.

I guess having clean or beta is better than having nothing at all. It is the spare board. I do read you other post this one has the yellow cover and this one is currently not installed. I'm assuming I do have the clone without bootloader.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: GPS assist and Heli
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on Today at 02:05:36 am »
Do you agree that there is a problem with using transmitter trims to correct drift in Attitude mode (even when Attitude is the only mode you use)?  I know that changing trims for Attitude mode will mess up Rate mode but that is not what I am talking about.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: GPS assist and Heli
« Last post by f5soh on November 22, 2017, 07:55:40 pm »
(Attitude mode) They are both problems.  It sounded like you agree there is a problem when flying in circles, but not that there is a problem when flying for a long time in a straight line, which is the same as hovering in the wind, which is the same as using transmitter trims to stop drift.

Yes, there is a issue with attitude estimation using complementary when flying in circles.
Flying in a straight line should not cause issue with complementary, if there is a issue in this situation it should be great if you can explain why.
General Discussion / Re: Revo-oplink Data+control unstable communication
« Last post by ppnvedado on November 22, 2017, 07:39:34 pm »
ok, thanks. I´ll do that.
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: quadcopter flying problem
« Last post by sallyc on November 22, 2017, 07:02:11 pm »
This problem was occuring with me.

2 things I did to fix it.
1. Checked all motors that are exactly the same as shown on Librepilot with their order. 
2. Check your flight data to ensure that quad is moving the way your moving it. If you roll left ensure that the quad in the graphics is also. If not you'll have he instant roll.

I've been flying mine for a while now absolutely love it at the moment.
I checked this two but still failed
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