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Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: GPS assist and Heli
« Last post by karla on Today at 01:54:33 pm »
Up until now I have identified the Mags to be my key problem and not the GPS.
Having a long hard march of toilet bowl I could not get rid of, and the analysis that its the mags telling the FC to go in a wrong direction and then compensation for the wrong in a wrong way will make it bowl eternally.
But now I think I have a reliable mag but maybe an unreliable GPS :(
However, the GPS is all green using 9 or more sats in an open field. I stays green until cuddly just go black for a second and then come green again.
What you think about trying your dji.c fix?
For me it makes a big difference when I start the motors in Roll Acro+ / Pitch Acro+ / Yaw Acro+ / Thrust manual.
But even then the low throttle rpm in Acro+ differ every time. But usually the Quad doesn't flip. If even then the rpms are very high I reconnect the battery. With the motors spinning while on the ground I switch back to Attitude mode and then the motors slow down and I can take off smoothly.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: CC3D on Align 450 FBL and Taranis
« Last post by zokizo33 on Today at 09:16:52 am »
it is repeating oscillation, i left default pid for yaw, if i remember well P is 600 I 1000 and D is 50
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: CC3D on Align 450 FBL and Taranis
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on Today at 08:54:56 am »
50hz PWM will work, but if tail servo is digital and faster than that, you may want to run it faster.

I would start by guessing whether jerking is random or is a repeating oscillation.  If it is a repeating oscillation, the yaw PID may be too high.

Be aware that running faster than 50hz PWM on yaw allows you to run higher PID on yaw.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: GPS assist and Heli
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on Today at 08:48:38 am »
I have several of those same authentic DJI Naza GPS units.  They are small and work very well.

The only down side as compared to clones is that the authentic units have Ublox Neo6 GPSs inside, while the clones almost always have Ublox Neo8 or Neo7 GPSs.  That means the authentic ones only use USA satellites, and can't even see the Chinese Russia, etc, satellites.
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: CC3D on Align 450 FBL and Taranis
« Last post by zokizo33 on Today at 08:39:40 am »
i got it
thanks alot

btw  when i start spinning motor tail servo start jerking (fast go left right) i isolated FC from vibration
is it possible because tail servo is digital but i put 50hz pwm output for him
or maybe to high PIDs?
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: I've got the problems
« Last post by prohero on Today at 05:37:43 am »
Hi, welcome.

Just after the crash if you can connect the board without removing the battery and look the FlightTime (PFD corner or Firmware tab) you will be able to know if the board restarted while crashing.
Double check the receiver and power wiring.

Please post your config file. File > Export UAV Settings

General Discussion / Re: Telemetry host ip address?
« Last post by prohero on Today at 05:37:23 am »
The average user does not need to do anything with these fields because they do not use them.

You plug your FC (Revo, CC3D, etc.) into USB and it just works.  You must have matching versions of GCS and FC bootloader and firmware.

If you just bought your FC and have installed the latest LP software, then you probably just need to put the matching firmware on the FC.

Even using RF telemetry with OpLink still does not need these settings.  Remember that you must have matching versions everywhere, and that means OpLink too.

Start by making sure your USB cable works and you are running the correct bootloader version.

thanks.  ;D
GCS General / Re: Unable to run Librepilot v 16.09
« Last post by FieldManual on May 20, 2018, 09:34:55 pm »
Please check your latest JAVA plugin, and try check all options (Shortcut, AeroSimRC Plugin, CDC driver, Mesa OpenGL driver) when you install.  Happy flight!
Vehicles - Helicopters / Re: CC3D on Align 450 FBL and Taranis
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on May 20, 2018, 06:14:06 pm »
On output page you must be using different "banks" because you set the whole bank of outputs to a single ESC protocol.

I recall the banks are set so that bank 1 is outputs 1,2,3 and bank 2 is output 4.  If that is the case, bank one is normal servos and bank 2 is digital rate.  In that case, output 4 must be connected to the digital servo.  Move your servo plugs around to make it match banks as needed and adjust for the moving in the vehicle tab.

Of course modify this depending on what outputs are contained in what banks.
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