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General Discussion / Re: Debug Naza GPS
« Last post by f5soh on March 10, 2018, 10:51:34 pm »
Using a terminal console (like Easyterm) and configure the board as a ComBridge (or use a USBSerial) you will be able to see if you receive data from GPS.
General Discussion / Debug Naza GPS
« Last post by utoedter on March 10, 2018, 10:19:19 pm »
Hi folks,

I am using a Naza GPS for my Eachine Racer so far it works fine, but today my Revolution board said, it cant detect the GPS. LED is solid red, GPS protocol is DJI.  it seems there is no data on the wires. Is there a software similar to ucenter for ublox GPS which allows me to monitor the GPS a bit closer?

Thank you in advance
Thanks, ill give it a shot. So, you can flash the receiver in Libre or BetaFlight? And what would i use to flash my TX? Or do i even need to do that?

Well, i dont have a flysky radio, so i cant help much. But i am sure there are manuals or web pages who describe the flash process. And the flysky website isnt very informative about firmware for the receiver.
Firmware General / Re: Analog Airspeed is not functional in Next.589
« Last post by jdl on March 10, 2018, 09:49:38 pm »
Thanks, f5soh!
Is there a chance to get a fixed Revo firmware only for next.589, when and if available?
Italiano / Re: Pilotare camera con cc3d
« Last post by gmm on March 10, 2018, 07:42:34 pm »
Risolto con.
Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: 6 position flight switch - can it work
« Last post by f5soh on March 10, 2018, 05:57:48 pm »
Assuming this switch output values are all except linear, you can try the following settings for flightmode channel:
Min: 1100 Neutral: 1290  Max: 1700
Change values manually in Input tab and save.

Vehicles - MultiRotors / 6 position flight switch - can it work
« Last post by hoenderbiker on March 10, 2018, 03:48:02 pm »
Hi Librepilots,

I have been tinkering a bit and am now stuck... See attached pics (receiver not connected in these pics).

I installed the taranis 6 position switch in my Flysky I6 (I replaced one of the pots on the radio with the switch).

I was hoping librepilot would pick it up as 6 position and allow me to select 6 flight modes. Which it does, but not read the 6 positions correctly.

Problem is, after running  transmitter setup wizard, librepilot sees it but cannot switch to all 6 positions as they are not evenly split across the switch/channel value, they are as follows:

Pos 1 = 1000 uS
Pos 2 = 1197 uS
Pos 3 = 1247 uS
Pos 4 = 1330 uS
Pos 5 = 1494 uS
Pos 6 = 2000 uS

Librepilot evenly spreads the flight mode count across the channel value.

Can I manually tell Librepilot were to see the switch points (instead of it automatically spreading the points evenly across the channel value)? So I could tell Librepilot when the channel value is at:

1000uS it should be flight switch position 1
1220uS it should be flight switch position 2
1270uS it should be flight switch position 3
and so on

I see Taranis users who install this switch set a curve on the radio to spread the switch points evenly - I cannot do this on my Flysky I6 (being a cheap, but good little radio).

Hope this makes sense? If not I will try and explain a bit more.

Thanks fellow pilots.
Firmware General / Re: Analog Airspeed is not functional in Next.589
« Last post by f5soh on March 10, 2018, 12:46:00 pm »
Seems there is indeed issues with ADC inputs when using servo pins, thanks for report.
WS2811LED works only using the servo1 output with RevoNano.
I know this is an old thread but it seems spot on, so:

Can I set up a WS2811LED using a Revolution Nano board?
(using output pins 1-6 obviously since don't have other options like full Revo board).

Thanks a lot
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