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Italiano / mancato salvataggio impostazioni su CC3D
« Last post by cirolm on February 11, 2019, 01:42:31 pm »
Salve a tutti,
Non riesco a salvare neanche una delle impostazioni fatte su Libre Pilot nel FC CC3D

Qualcuno sa aiutarmi?
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
« Last post by MARCMARC on February 10, 2019, 10:53:40 am »
thank you a lot for your response  !
Deutsch / Re: DFU flash
« Last post by utoedter on February 10, 2019, 10:09:08 am »
Naja rauf und runter ist ziemlich schwammig als Beschreibung. Ich hatte auch mal einen, der nach Experimenten nicht mehr startete, der konnte jedoch mit der DFU Methode wieder reanimiert werden.

Rettet den Luftraum, esst mehr Vögel
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on February 10, 2019, 01:24:15 am »
The FCs are best powered with 5 volts, so you cannot connect them directly to the battery.  You must use a voltage reducing circuit.

It looks like that ESC does not have a built in BEC (battery eliminator circuit = voltage converter from 7V to 26V down to 5V) so you will have to add a separate BEC.  Separate BEC is normally just powered from battery like ESCs and can be connected to an unused FC servo connection or even to mainport or flexiport or FC receiver connection.  Just connect 5V or 6V BEC output to the power connection wires of any of these.

I have used these BECs in the past,.

But if you are using 3 cells or less and are not using actual servos you could even use a linear BEC which might have less electrical noise than a switching BEC

also these

both that I have linked to are switching BECs and work with 2S to 6S lipos.

If you are in a hurry, you can search for similar ones that have better promised delivery time.
Français / Brancher CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit
« Last post by MARCMARC on February 10, 2019, 12:30:47 am »
Salut les Francophones,

Je viens de faire l'acquisition de nouveaux ESC. F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit

Le branchement fut difficile mais au final j'ai réussi à démarrer mes moteurs. Le seul problème, c'est que je n'ai pas branché ma CC3D à la batterie. Donc quand je retire l'USB ça ne marche plus.

Savez vous, comment je peux raccorder ma CC3D à la batterie (via les servo), à travers cet ESC 4IN1 ?

Merci à tous !
Vehicles - MultiRotors / [CLOSE] CC3D with F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit ESC
« Last post by MARCMARC on February 10, 2019, 12:22:17 am »
Hello !

I'm new on this great projet, and i try to make my quadraRotors.

But I've a little problem. How plug my "F45A 6S 4IN1 32bit" (http://

After soldering, i connect CC3D servo with ESC motors 1,2,3 and 4. But i don't know how power my CC3D.

How power my CC3D througth servo with 4in1 Tmotor.

Thanks a lot !
General Discussion / Re: frsky sbus problem
« Last post by steve2000 on February 07, 2019, 08:39:47 pm »
thanks for the response project been on hold for a while health issue but will get going soon thanks
I recall the orange triangle is just because we didn't mark the 16.09 release with the special mark so it knows it is an official release.  That is documented in the wiki and is not a problem.

FYI: if you unplug the board, go to Firmware page, press Rescue, then plug board in, it will show you Firmware Tag, "git commit hash", and CRC for both the onboard firmware and the firmware bundled with the GCS.  If all these match, then you are already running exactly what the GCS expects.  At that point, press Erase Settings (then OK) and within 25 seconds, it will reconnect and FlightTime will start counting (from about 23) again.  Wait till it gets up to at least say 120 (to make sure the erase is complete) and disconnect the board. (Waiting this long should not be necessary under normal circumstances.)  This should erase the settings and there should be no error messages.

After that, go to Configuration -> Hardware.  Change GPS Speed to 38400 and press Save.  The Save button should turn into a Save button with a green check mark.  Unplug the CC3D and plug it back in.  When it connects in a few seconds (less than 10 for me) you should see that GPS Speed is still 38400.  If it is 38400, you have proven that you can save and remember settings.

After Erase Settings, you might also try simply doing File -> ExportUAVSettings to a temp file, then File -> ImportUAVSettings from that same temp file (and press Save To Board Flash).  Save To Board Flash takes a little less than 1 minute on my setup but you can see it count up during that minute.
GCS General / Re: Magnetometer fails on calibration
« Last post by Anonator on February 06, 2019, 08:22:38 am »
Good suggestion Cliff.  :D 
GCS General / Re: Magnetometer fails on calibration
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on February 06, 2019, 08:19:30 am »
I have some Omnibus F4 Pro too, but I have never used a GPS/mag with them.

I can imagine two problems right off.  Mag cal is a GUI function and eg. CC3D does not allow mag cal.  It may need to be more fully enabled in GCS to work.  Also, before Omni, all FCs that allow an aux mag also have an on board mag.  This may be another area where the Omni is special.  I recall the GCS code and it does a sequence of steps to both onboard and aux.  Onboard would obviously fail.

Luckily, the aux mag doesn't care what it is connected to.  You could calibrate it with a Revo, etc. (temporarily mounted in that model) and just copy the Revo aux mag calibration data to the Omni.
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