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GCS General / Re: cc3d configuration!! help!!
« Last post by f5soh on September 12, 2018, 08:08:33 pm »
Vehicles - MultiRotors / Re: REVERSE MOTOR ROTATION.
« Last post by 12LEARN on September 12, 2018, 04:49:08 pm »
Everything seems to be working fine on that quad that has the Reversed Motors now, except it wants to yaw left and I had to put in a ton of right trim.
Am I missing something here or is there another setting in the software I need to change?
GCS General / cc3d configuration!! help!!
« Last post by Droneero on September 12, 2018, 04:35:47 pm »
Hi! I'm a complete beginner and i can't configure my CC3D. I plug the usb on the computer and the micro usb on the FC, a grenn led turn on and a blue led is flashing all time (everything looks fine till that point). But when i go and click the wizard setup button it appears a message that says that i have to connect he FC via usb when it's already done!! I don't know how can i solve that. I think that could be that i'm not recieving the Rx, the Tx looks fine. My reiver and my transmitter are correctly binded so I don't know how i can fix this problem. I post n Image about what I have , please help me it's so important.
Hi Cliff: :) :)
  I have already upload latest test movie to Youtube And the website is ]
  The frame's firmware has updated according to your get me at website is
  And the frame's servo freq has set [email protected]
  I have some problem about the movie that test today.
  1. the PFD is tilt before i armed the flight, but when i take off it and control it by remote control and land  earth, the PFD is horizontal. take off and land position is same. why PFD change? Because mag leave earth and get good data or else?
  2.last Saturday, i test VelocityRoam mode, result is the frame lose balance and fall. I see this mode and Position hold mode difference that it can position hold and control by remote control in body coordinate. I need note what?
  And today, i also test altitude hold, but the effect is not good. the test movie website is ]
  Please look and tell some advice, thank you.
490Hz is used because if you use normal servo pulses of 1.0ms to 2.0ms and you try to have 500 pulses at 2.0ms then there is no time for the pulse to be inactive since 500 times 2ms is 1.0s (the whole second is used up with "on time").  Be aware that this is the reason that it is recommended to use 1.0ms to 1.9ms; that leaves 0.1ms of "off time" when running at 500Hz.  PWMSync runs at 500Hz.

50Hz is bad because then the ESC response time is about 10 times slower than 490Hz.  You get oscillations with stock PIDs and very mushy response to sticks.

So is your problem fixed now?
Hi Cliff:
  thank you for your reply. :) :)
  I will compile code and flash firmware today, and upload test movie soon.
  I just try [email protected], this effect is very good, the frame flight is steady than [email protected] in cf algorithm. Because EKF algorithm update cycle is 490hz? I set [email protected] ago,but it's effect is very bad, and the store of ESC tell me to need set default parameter, so i set [email protected] why? i don't kown.
  thank you for your advice again.
The PFD tilt and jitter in that video are normal amounts.

I see that you are still running with 10 degrees of Aux Mag Orientation: Pitch.  You are using 0,10,0.  This should very probably be 0,0,0.  This orientation is relative to how the craft hovers.  If it hovers level and GPS/mag is mounted level, this needs to be 0,0,0 unless your GPS/mag is mounted with a tilt.  If mounted with a tilt, maybe you need -10 instead of 10, but I think that positive is correct.  The mount may be tilted, but it looks much less than 10 degrees.

The only time you should need Aux Mag Orientation pitch is if your quad has "race mount" motors that are mounted tilting forward, or GPS/mag mount is tilted.  In these cases the GPS/mag is not level when hovering.

I see and hear several problems.

I see and hear an oscillation at about 4Hz.  Are you running stock PIDs?  I suggest you go to stock PIDs.  Equally important is that you MUST set ESC signal protocol to PWMSync or [email protected] for all banks that have an ESC connected.  Using [email protected] makes it very sluggish to respond and hard to fly.  It also makes these 4Hz oscillations if you use default PIDs.  See the Output page for these settings.

I see a very slow and large movement oscillation building up.  This can be caused by the 0,10,0 previously mentioned.  Set it to 0,0,0.

I see that you are using DJI GPS/mag.  The DJI "smooths" the GPS data, which slows the information down.  This can cause a large east-west movement oscillation.  There is a patch to fix this.  Use the patched firmware.  It is 100% compatible with 16.09.  No settings changes or saving is needed.  I assume you are using LP version 16.09

You were getting some mag alarms when flying.  You should twist all your pairs/triplets of thick (high current) wires: battery to PDB, PDB to ESC, ESC to motor.

- Save your settings before making changes, so you can go back if you want
- flash the patched firmware
- EKF to default values
- PIDs to default values
- Aux Mag Orientation to 0,0,0
- ESC signal protocol to PWMSync, [email protected] (or faster, but not for example [email protected])
- I really suggest PWMSync or [email protected] at least for a test
- twist high current wire sets

Good luck.  Make another video and post your settings UAV file (File->ExportUAV...).
hello cliff:
  I have already upload my test movies to Youtube, the website is :
Français / Re: inter mode
« Last post by jordjo on September 07, 2018, 12:50:01 pm »
bon je ne comprend pas la radio pour la mixage.
l'interface et de toute façon pas claire on peu vite se perdre donc j'ai remis a zéro la radio et je pense me contenté de mes 3 positions, sa fait 2 jours que je suis desu :s.
je tien vraiment a vous remercié de votre aide :)
General Discussion / Re: OPLink Mini - the continuing saga
« Last post by TheOtherCliff on September 06, 2018, 07:57:52 am »
Still no joy. 
For what it's worth, the firmware tag "On Device" is 16.09 and the "Loaded" is Next.
My Librepilot version is 16.09.
Does that make any difference?

This says you are running some "next" version GCS and not 16.09 version.  (unless you got this when flashing the bootloader)

First of all, decide what version you want to run, then make sure the GCS you are running is that version.  It would be a good idea to re-install the GCS version that you want, just to be sure.

Then flash the bootloader that @f5soh linked to, then flash the firmware.  Use manual update method for both flashings.  That requires you to press the GCS button before plugging the OpLink in to USB for both flashings.

All software / firmware versions must match: GCS, OpLink(s), FC(s).  All bootloaders must be flashed with recent (e.g. year 2016 or later or so) version.  Basically you should check the bootloader version for every board you buy, and update it if necessary.

Remember that if only the OpLink is active (OpLink plugged in, but not connected to RF to model) that the only page that shows anything is the OpLink page (OK, System page too...).  Firmware page does not show OpLink is plugged in unless you are doing the Manual Update method (press GCS button before plugging in the OpLink).

I have accidentally run an OpLink without antenna for extended periods at 50mw without damaging it, so don't assume that your OpLink is damaged unless you can prove that.  Also, even if you did damage it, it would very probably continue to boot up and run and show the counters counting (at least the Tx Seq No:) on the OpLink page.  But a damaged OpLink would just always pretend that the model was not powered on, or the RF would have very reduced range.

After doing the updates, and restarting the GCS, and re-plugging in the OpLink USB (with no model powered on) and waiting 10 seconds (more not needed) does:
- the GCS Connections box (lower right) show grayed out "USB OpLink"
- the GCS Tx and Rx bar (lower center) show short green bars
- the GCS OpLink page "Tx Seq No:" counts up
if so, the OpLink is running correctly and the next thing is to get it talking to your model (which must be running firmware version that matches the GCS version).
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