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Hello everybody !

I've got a puzzle problem. I CANNOT SAVE ANYTHING IN MY CC3D. (i have read lot of topics but i didn't find a solution)

What's happening ? :

*I configure my CC3D until the final test (without propellers). I activated the always armed mode for this test. But my level is not good, so i decided to restart all configuration.

I click on VEHICLE SETUP WIZARD, and at the end i can't save my settings.

I check the ESC are disarmed. I reinstalled librepilot on my windows 10. I rescue my CC3D. Erase all, and upgrade it.

So please, help me :'(

Re: Cannot Save anything in my CC3D
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We have a lot of people complaining "Can't save settings on CC3D"  :(   It is likely that some cloners are making them without the correct external flash chip, to save money.  Most other firmware brands (e.g. Cleanflight and Betaflight) do not use the external flash chip to save settings, they use the CPU NV memory for that, and so they work fine.  If that is the case, then you need to go to CF/BF/etc.  The following assumes this is not the case and we will try to figure out how to fix it.

There are many threads about this on the LP forum.  Many threads just stop with no reply as to whether or not the issue was fixed. One or two users say they finally gave up.  One says he found a fix, but no one has posted a reply.

Please try this and please reply here when you finally fix it :) or finally give up.  :(

Unplug the board, go to Firmware page, press Rescue, then plug board in, (this is called Manual method in wiki) it will show you Firmware Tag, "git commit hash", and CRC for both the onboard firmware and the firmware bundled with the GCS.  If all these match, then you are already running exactly what the GCS expects, so that isn't an issue.  If something doesn't match then the firmware version and GCS version do not match, and you must upgrade the firmware to match the GCS but please continue reading.

If Firmware Tag (e.g. 16.09) matches exactly but the others don't, there may be custom firmware on it that you don't want to erase.  Then you may want to post a screen capture and ask for advice before proceeding (flashing anything, bootloader or firmware). In any case, take a screen capture and post it if anything does not match.  The information may help us, and the information is gone once you flash anything.

This Firmware page will also tell you what bootloader version you are running.  You need bootloader version 4.  If it is not version 4 then upgrade to version 4 using instructions below.  Note that a normal bootloader upgrade from a bu_something.opfw file erases the firmware, leaving just the bootloader, so after upgrading the bootloader, you must upgrade firmware and you must use the Manual method to upgrade the firmware:

Please make a screen capture (of Firmware page while using the Rescue button / Manual method) before upgrading.  :)

To upgrade bootloader:

To upgrade firmware after updating bootloader use Manual method on same page.

Unplug the board, go to Firmware page, press Rescue, then plug board in, press Erase Settings (then OK) and within 25 seconds, it will reconnect and FlightTime will start counting (from about 23) again.  Wait till it gets up to at least say 120 (to make sure the erase is complete) and disconnect the board. (Waiting this long should not be necessary under normal circumstances.)  This should erase the settings and there should be no error messages.  Unplug the board and plug it back in to reboot it.

After that, go to Configuration -> Hardware.  Change GPS Speed to 38400 and press Save.  The Save button should turn into a Save button with a green check mark.  Unplug the CC3D and plug it back in.  When it connects in a few seconds (less than 10 for me) you should see that GPS Speed is still 38400.  If it is 38400, you have proven that you can save and remember settings.

After Erase Settings, you could also try simply doing File -> ExportUAVSettings to a temp file, then File -> ImportUAVSettings from that same temp file (and press Save To Board Flash).  Save To Board Flash takes a little less than 1 minute on my setup but you can see it count up during that minute.

Did it work?  Was there an error somewhere?  What error?  There are other things to try.
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