(CC3D can't save settings) Problem with settings
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Hello everyone
Just want to know if there's any  problem with librepilot infect  is couple of times I was trying to setup OP board  getting at some point to save the configuration is taking time to save and pop up message apear and saying mixe problem I tried not luck
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Re: (CC3D can't save settings) Problem with settings
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If anyone is willing to send me a CC3D that has this problem so I can find out what causes it, I would be grateful, but first do Firmware page: "Halt", then "Erase Settings" and tell me what number Firmware page: "FlightTime" starts counting after pressing OK button to do the erase, like in this video:

I modified the title of this thread in your post.  :)  I did it so other people would know that it is this same issue.

There is a problem that for some people CC3D gets to where they cannot "save settings".  Most people see this problem as a failure to save mixer settings (I forget the exact wording) when running the setup wizard.  The problems with fixing the problem are:

1 - I cannot re-create the problem.  I don't know of any developer that can re-create the problem.  Very hard to find the cause.
2 - If anyone has found the cause or a LibrePilot solution to the problem, they have not posted back to say so.
3 - People who have the problem understandably get tired of trying this or that test and just use the CleanFlight / BetaFlight work around and get on with their lives.  :)

The one, solution that is known to work is to use CleanFlight or BetaFlight (command line stuff at very bottom of their Configurator) "FLASH_ERASE" command to erase it.  After that you can flash LibrePilot firmware back on the CC3D and it will work until you run the setup wizard / change settings many / enough times that the problem comes back and you need CF / BF again.  I recall hearing that you may need to use an old version like CleanFlight 1.10?  I think you will need to flash the CF / BF firmware onto the CC3D to do this?

Could you please answer some questions and would you be willing to try a test or two for us?
Question: On Firmware page press Halt.  What is your Bootloader / BL version (3 or 4)?
Question: On your current computer: Have you ever done any install of any OpenPilot GCS version or LibrePilot GCS version other than the one you are using?  Or are there maybe even several different versions all installed together now?
Question: Could you try to install your LibrePilot on a different computer that has never had OpenPilot or LibrePilot on it and try to do: Firmware page: "Halt" then "Erase Settings" and after pressing OK on "Erase Settings" wait for the "FlightTime" to start counting again and tell me what number "FlightTime" started counting on?  Good numbers are over 20 (it takes over 20 seconds to erase) and bad numbers are under 5 (it didn't even try to erase).
Question: Do you have Bluetooth set up on your computer?  It will show up in the Connections: list in the bottom right corner of LibrePilot GCS.

Here is a link into a thread that has a video of "Erase Settings" failing and so FlightTime starts counting, beginning with 2.  The post after that has a video of "Erase Settings" working and FlightTime starting to count beginning with 23:

Here is the last post of a long thread about this:
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