« on: February 10, 2020, 04:30:22 pm »
I have a standard thurstmaster joystick.

Followed the guide

Does not work.

Librepilot does not seem to receive any inputs from the Joystick.

If i use another app to configure the joystick and map it to keys, it can clearly see and identify the joystick, so I dont think there is anything wrong at driver lever with the joystick.

Librepilot however does not allow me to select a joystick anywhere (An actual device).

Please assist.

Re: Joystick
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I would suggest either using a much higher baud rate, say 100K or direct wired connection for initial testing.

You didn't mention what LP version you are using.

Can you at least get the joystick recognized in GCS?  Set it up and calibrate it in GCS under Tools -> Options -> Controller.  I got this working fine with a standard analog joystick on a port that was part of a sound card.  Have you seen this GCS page?