Configuring accessories through CC3D using SBUS
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:22:49 pm »
I swapped out a TGY-iA6 6 channel Rx with a Cooltec RSFSB 8 channel SBUS Rx so I could fly this platform with a Futaba radio. I had previously connected a Matek 5in1 (LED controller) to the Turnigy Rx using PWM and it works great but would now like to connect it to the CC3D ESC header 6 since the Cooltec Rx only has the SBUS header.

So LibrePilot confirms the 3-way switch I configured on a T8J radio and it appears to have calibrated well but the Matek 5in1 just beeps and flashes the LEDs like it's in low battery or lost model mode.  I also tried connecting a servoless payload release through CC3D ESC header 5 to no avail. Matek has a how-to link for SBUS and PPM connections on a NAZE32 running Cleanflight, where it points to "Channel Forwarding" but I don't see any such configurations in LibrePilot.

This is the third time I've sat down with this and I'm stumped. Accessories work great connected to a Rx but I've never had any luck connecting anything to free servo/ESC headers on a CC3D (except ESCs). Just when it feels like I'm getting a better handle on this stuff...

Thanks in advance for any advice and please forgive me if this has already been covered and I missed it in my searching.


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Re: Configuring accessories through CC3D using SBUS
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Re: Configuring accessories through CC3D using SBUS
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This makes me so happy! Thank you.

I missed the Accessories options on the Vehicle Configuration page which then lit up the Accessory Assignment on the Output Configuration page.

Perfect! I hadn't even flown this platform since I couldn't get the 5in1 working again and it's my favorite one to fly for fun.

Thanks again!!!