Micro MinimOSD KV Mod - Voltage shown is always 0.0V
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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and tried, up to now, to solve all issues on my FPV journey based on existing articles. However, I have reached a point, where I am stuck without assistance. According to what I found on the internet, everything is done right. Obviously, I must have missed something. Hopefully someone can help me :-)

Some time ago I bought a drone, a Sky Hero Anakin Club Racer 6". I like its optical appearance :)

I did soon realize that something important is missing: Knowing the battery voltage. That's where my journey began. I added an OSD (MinimOPOSD v1.1) which worked fine, but it always showed 15.33V. Bought a 2nd one, same issue. Though, the board seems to be fine. I also tried a voltage divider (22 kOhm & 1,5 kOhm) to ensure the voltage output is between 0.0V and 1.1V. Based on my understanding of the board layout, that divider is unnecessary, as there are the necessary resistors already present on the v1.1 board. It did not work either. Overall, no progress. Time to restart.

I ordered an MinimOSD Micro KV Team Mod, which also is lots of smaller and less heavy. I configured it according to:

Firmware: LP_MicroKvteam_CC3D_analog_inputs1708.hex
Chartset: Charset_1_3_0.mcm

Flight Controller: CC3D (dunno whether it's a revo, seems somehow customized in that orange box) with LibrePilot 15.09

Everything is wired according to the documentation, except for the battery ground. I made a direct connection between the Bat1-ground on the board to the CC3D connected ground. When the system is powered, I can measure the correct battery voltage between the Bat1 + and ground on the board. So that should be fine and saves a wire.

Here's an overview of my wiring:

And the final result:

The problems I still have are two, whereof at least one drives me crazy... :D

Firstly there's a slight ghosting of bright areas, which I deem not to be that distracting when the drone is in action. Ideas welcome :)

Secondly, the battery voltage shown to me through the OSD is always 0.0V. As mentioned above, I measured the correct voltage at these contacts.
What did I make wrong? Is there something else I can check?

It'ld be great if you could help me fixing this :)

Kindest regards


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Re: Micro MinimOSD KV Mod - Voltage shown is always 0.0V
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Nice setup.

Maybe try Bat2 input pads.

Re: Micro MinimOSD KV Mod - Voltage shown is always 0.0V
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Simple, but brilliant. I had tried that with the MinimOSD 1.1 revision, which did not change anything. For the Micro mod, it works. Now it displays the correct voltage. Awesome =) Thx man!