Is it worth fitting a QAV 250 with GPS and oplink
« on: January 13, 2017, 05:52:30 am »
I Built a lumenier QAV 250 a while ago with a CC3D control board, it worked well then a connection broke on the board, so I decided to upgrade to the Revo board, and ordered a kit from Banggood which included Oplink and GPS. once it arrived I rebuilt, plus all the extra gear and antenna and did a trial flight all ok, then I thought now for GPS and Oplink, the GPS picked up the satellites and showed its position really well, but then would not arm due to all the problems mentioned else where on this forum, the Oplink would just not work ,no info shown on the ground station, (Air station on board ok) , think its just faulty.

My question is this, is it worth the all the trouble and stress to fit a GPS and oplink to a small platform like a QAV 250, which I just use for FPV the extra weight alone is a negative.

Re: Is it worth fitting a QAV 250 with GPS and oplink
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It really depends on what you want in a quad...  For LOS it isn't required.  For racing, GPS is extra drag and weight.  For FPV, it may be fun but isn't required.  It's really if you want to do waypoints and have RTB that you need GPS.

You can put GPS/mag on any size of quad, but you really need to twist all your motor current wiring correctly, small quads (say < 500mm) need an external GPS/mag up on a pole, you must use "Aux Only" mag setting, and you must do a good mag calibration.  The better you twist the wires, the shorter the pole can be.

Currently I have GPS on a 500 that has a dome, with the GPS/mag on top of the dome, but no pole and a 330 with a GPS/mag on a pole.

I also have a Tarot TL150 I am in the process of putting GPS on.  I don't expect any problems at all.  :)

Re: Is it worth fitting a QAV 250 with GPS and oplink
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I have the same board as yet, except Im waiting to get some stuff so I can fix esc compatibility. But in the meantime ive been researching probelm fixes.
For the gps refer to this video
For the OPlink refer to this video

It turns out they aren't setup to be plug and play out of the box because of some software issues.

Dont worry much about weight for the gps, it is really light and gives you the added protection of return to home (which pays for itself in 2 use)
You may think you will never loose signal, but believe me you will. And this will save your quad.

The oplink is great for tuning and calibrations as you don't need a cable to hook up to pc. If you can get it setup then greak, but no need to keep it on after you are done tuning pids and everything (although feel free to keep it on as it doesn't add much weight/ but it's a bit hard to find a good place to mount with antenna).

In short GPS YES
OPLINK meh  :P