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How to stick
« on: January 14, 2017, 05:34:36 am »
Hello everyone   :)

I see a lot of question postings out there so I figured a positive one is needed for all.

We all have to mount items on or in our models.  I always here people say use double sided foam tape.  I am sure we all have crashed a few of our pride an joys and to get that tape off the salvage is a pain.  Well guess what 3m has some double sided tape that is easy to remove and we all don't see it for what it is.  The commander hooks they sell comes with double sided tape and it is easy to remove.  I saw that stuff remove the paint on the wall before letting go, just ask hot wheels.  The hooks are rated for 2 lb(908g) to 5 lbs(2270g) of load, over a hundred times the 9g atom fc weighs.  So the next time you mount your CC3D atom, VTX, Ubec or GPS remember the replacement strips for the commander hooks.  Lets you do a replacement in no time, just pull the tab and off it comes.  Comes in handy when testing different hardware.

Have a good one.    8)