How to cleaning your drone?
« on: December 19, 2016, 10:03:11 am »
1. a soft cleaning brush
This is for some corners and gaps, and you can also use the pipeline pigging.

2. canning compressed air
This can clean the dirt of some "sensitive parts" such as the electric motor or circuit board around, which would not damage the drones.

3. isopropyl alcohol
This can clean your drone shell in perfect condition, which can wipe out grass stains, blood stains and any other kind of dirt, and would not damage the circuit.

4. ultra-thin fiber cloth
If you want to completely clean the drone by dismantling it, it is necessary to use this cloth as it can perfectly match the isopropyl alcohol.

5. three-in-one all-purpose lubricant
Carry a bottle of three-in-one all-purpose lubricant in case of emergency.