412a escs connecting into a standard cc3d board the motors are new but have been used well on one or two flights but after i updated firmware today i had trouble trying to get it to arm and when i put into always armed the motors begin pulsing with throttle instead of hold the speed im transmitting to the copter

things i have done
1 run throught both vehicle and trnsmitter set up several times with no problems but the arming and pulsing problems still present themselves

2 check if the copter is reciving tx signal properly the gsc software reconizes all gyro movement as it should and it tracks my stick perfectly recognize when at its max and min and everywhere in-between but when i set arming code it will not arm via the code at one time it did but began pulsing when i applied throttle i went through config again. it would not arm via code when then put on always armed it continued to pulse when throttle was applied

3 rx i have tried 3 different rx as well as tx none make any difference

4 i unplugged my rx from cc3d and tested each motor induvidually with there own power and my rx as signal they all perfomed without any problems and recognize throttle response and did not pulse what so ever

5 when in config i tryed changing from rapid esc to standard(5hz rate) neither made much difference except rapid made the peaks of the pulses more accurate to my throttle input

6 tried new batteries fresh from the charger, no difference

7 tried testing the motor via librepilots output section, the motors spool speed difference was very little between max and min and neither side made the motor stop spinning even after going lower then the speed that barley made it move durring config the number was 1116 on all motors but they wouldnt even stop after going full min the full max made didnt affect the speed much either

i have flown this quad many time and last time i flew it i had video issues so i replaced my vtx and wired it in the same place as the last after this it flew once but began refusing orders like when hovering it began to tilt right when attpting to tilt back to the left it refused to move thus a light crash from only a few feet nothing visible broke so i attempted again and the self level did not respond causing it again to slowly crash while me attempting to level mannually and see it accepts my command but responds very slowly and only subtlety this is when i brought out my computer and attempted upgradeing and reconfiguring then the new problems of arm and pulsing began. ive been trying everything i can for the last 4 hours and cant find a reason for these

please help

I would first test the transmitter and receiver to make sure it works without glitches and for at least 100 meters, maybe use some servos for testing.
If that works, start over with a factory default airplane model setting in the transmitter and make sure you have the transmitter set up so the flight mode switch is working.
do not set any dual rate mode in the transmitter since you need full yaw stick for it to arm
select PWMSync ESC type.
make sure to set the arming type as expected, most people use low throttle plus yaw right for arming.
use default settings (not some cloud config).
calibrate the ESCs (see wiki) including lowest reliable motor speed.
do not set any altitude hold or GPS mode since CC3D can't use those.