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Revo acting flakey
« on: May 14, 2016, 08:04:43 am »
My Revo has all of a suddent started to act weird. I noticed that the flight data screen had a delay with mirroring the movements of the quad. Today, the board will not power up. I checked my pololu and its outputting 5v on the nose. I plugged in the usb cable and I got the board to connect to GCS. After that, I tried powering the board with the battery and it powered up. Seems like connecting it over usb is kickstarting it or something as I can unplug the usb cable and it powers up with battery after I do that. I'm using one of the spare servo/ESC connectors to power the board. Is there any further troubleshooting I could do? I went ahead and ordered a replacement anyway and I'm sad because this one had a pretty solid baro and I know I could get a unit with a crap baro.

Anyway, the board I had came from Amazon (sold thru Hobby Ace) but they are currently unavailable so I took a shot with the banggood version. Looks the same so we'll see once it gets here. Glad the weather is going to be shite while I'm waiting for it. I don't really trust flying my current one in its condition. Some sort of power regulator problem I'm guessing.