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Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« on: March 01, 2016, 01:05:40 am »
I have received  a Revolution from BangGood and a CC3D from a different Chinese online store.This one  is tagged with the OpenPilot logo etc,. - appears to have quality control stickers. I also have another cc3d from eBay seller.
They all have the same Firmware information - after being "upgraded" on arrival - with  issues - had to use rescue and manual upgrade - BUT the Firmware shows CRC:0 and the yellow triangle ! warning.

The CC3D CPU Serials are the same - as is Git Commit hash.  Revo  is different serial same Git commit hash: number

So the obvious questions are - are these FC safe to use or scrap!

Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2016, 02:39:29 am »
I'm not sure how to tell real from fakes. But GetFPV has cc3d boards pre soldered stright or angle pins for about 23-24$ shipped. That's where I get mine. They are known good. Probably too much $. But it's peace of mind and that's priceless

My original cc3d was on a really thin board and had a blue and red light. It gave up the ghost one day so I looked for a replacement and found all sorts of cheapos. But a lot were in the 20$ range. So then I looked for in country shipment and found GetFPV in the US. For 24$ the new ones from get fpv are white with red and green LEDs on what looks to be on a 2mm board. I have 4 from them all identical and all work flawless. One I did have to upgrade manually then it's since been upgraded to LP through the GCS.  but the other three have all upgraded through the GCS. Did not require manual upgrade.

Sometimes though fakes work for years. Plug in a reciever and see if you can run it through the wizard and skip all the motor stuff and get to the end for arming. See if it will arm and flash like it's supposed to
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Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2016, 02:48:58 am »
I think I read about fakes on the forum  - and one reply  suggested that because OP was defunct - no "new" or genuine  boards were available and  what are - are fakes.  I have been looking at the help video of rescue and manual flashing.  The  vids upgrades from ver 3 to ver 4.     I have rune the process and double checked... I alway stay at ver3  - this was with the Revolution.  I get messages that it was a successful upload  and  I  still  get  the CRC:0 - though a whats on the gives a CRC: XXXXXXXXX - X = numbers - but closing and reopening LP -  it still shows CRC:0   - Now I find after looking at the  help vids process - I am getting basically  what is shown  as a successful  manual upgrade.

I still get a cannot enter DFU mode line - is  there a way to activate/repair/???  DFU mode?

Edit:   GetFPV is in the USA  ( I think) if so  being in Aussie... shipping is  usually more costly and many stores do not ship to Au.

As a newbie - I am  trying to find  which FC suits my lack of brain power. I have 2 KK2.1.5  - not really I  like them.

A Naze32 6Dof and yesterday my latest Naxe32 10 dof arrived and I have just soldered the pins on.

I started  last August  with a CC3D and OP and  it seems easy to use - when you are as cluless as me....
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Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2016, 03:44:45 am »
That's correct, other than the Chinese no cc3d boards have been made in several years.  Technically they're not fakes they're clones, the cc3d was open source/open hardware.  Quality varies a lot.   The revos were discontinued something over a year ago so they're also only available from the Chinese.   They have problems but if you look through the threads here there is a fix for the most common problems.

The yellow triangle and crc=0 is fine, it just means it's an unofficial release.  Because of a glitch the 15.09 release also shows this.  It's the "known issue" referred to on the GCS download page, https://librepilot.atlassian.net/wiki/display/LPDOC/Downloads/ .     As long as you downloaded the GCS from that page or compiled it yourself from the source it's fine.


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Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2016, 08:51:51 am »
Thanks for that info - although having  watching  more youTube vids on FC and setups - I never saw anything about LP!  So I have been using Op which I  installed about September last year.
While appreciating  the efforts of the LP team - I  wonder how long  before they issue an update that clears  the  problem  mentioned -its not a problems to those who know this stuff....but  it seemed like a problem to me - who knows  very little :(   

Thanks again..


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Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2016, 10:05:48 am »
A little historical information which will help you understand what's going on right now...

First, 'Revolution' is a total misnomer. There's CC, CC3D, and Revo. They are three distinct designs. There is no 'Revo.' That's one point that makes Banggood look EXTEMELY suspect because they do that only to gain google hits. Some people have good results with BG boards and others don't.

Second, any retailer that sells a 'board' and displays it -only- inside a case is EXTREMELY suspect. There are re- and de-engineered versions of CC3D that leave parts out, change parts from the original design, and again some people have good luck with them and others don't.

Another 'for example,' there are 'slightly downgraded' versions of Revo that leave out the telemetry chip so they can sell it for a little less.

However I just noticed a part at BG that I'd not seen before that *APPEARS* to be a 'real' Revo board. Maybe BG has been spit and puked on for bad product enough that they decided they better deliver a -real- FC not a hack. The package sells for $96 which is the correct price. Meaning that they can't deliver a -real- Revo for less than that.

Another 'for example,' Hobbyking does sell 'real' CC3Ds. Their first ones were about $35 which was the right price. The others out there for $18 or whatever were hacks. Now theirs is $20 which is the 'right' price meaning that's what it costs to make them and sell for a profit. Unlike the $11 versions on ebay which are hacks. Basically, the hobbyist pays his money and takes his chances on a $250 aircraft whether the thing will come back when he asks it to or simply fly away, all for a $7 price difference. I think $7 is a pretty good price for better insurance that the aircraft will more likely come back than not.

For the -properly- produced boards from the -original- OP designs none of them are 'fake' as such. The first public release of the CC3D board designs were marked with a 'Rev C' text which OP decided meant that anything that they didn't personally produce were 'clones.' Which is of course patently ridiculous but -does- differentiate them from original OP boards and aftermarket boards. These aftermarket folks are SUPPOSED to negotiate with OP for permission to produce these for profit, with a small % going to OP. The OP forums said that HK did do that for a while, but later threw OP under the bus similar to the way they threw Rolf Bakke for his KK designs.

The Rev C means nothing any more -- there are hacks with the Rev C that do not follow the original design.

Westerners need to understand that the Chinese concept of intellectual property is different from Western philosophy and law. The Chinese do NOT respect ANY intellectual theft property laws. The believe that ALL 'ideas' are public domain, and that only physical property can be 'stolen.' That's why they have no problem with taking any knowledge from anywhere and doing anything with it that they want to.

Anyone who wants to design and build and sell a new product has to do it in secret, produce and sell as many as possible as fast as possible, and then JUMP OFF THE BUS AT THE RIGHT MOMENT and shut down production, because as soon as it is released for public consumption there will be an ARMY of Chinese engineers who will reverse engineer it for half the retail price. Whether right, neutral or wrong that's simply a fact of new millennial economic life.

But I digress. :)

If you can post a pic of the top side of the board you have, and name where you got it from, someone will be able to tell you its exact 'real/hack' status. There are new versions coming out frequently and it's very difficult to keep up with the many variations.


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Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #6 on: March 01, 2016, 10:30:26 pm »
I brand myself as "newbie" although  I first  got involved  in August last  year - with an RTF from probably the worst chinese online "store" EverBuying who sent me a pre-used/wrecked/rebuilt Syma X8W. After plodding every forum I could find for advice and info seemed indicate   that it may be  better to build a quad.
Which I started around October - most of which was spent waiting weeks for  items to arrive.
Having opted for the CC3D on forum advice - because of its ease of use.  I soon discovered group/team split and associated problems. Which as I mentioned din my previous reply - I  worked on the premise that with the fall of OP - all CC3D were clones.
I did  buy  from HobbyKing - and  that one did have a glaring fault with what looked like a solder burn across a track.
The "Revolution" from BG  cost me around $50 I  just set it up in a 450 frame so when I get chance to get it out  I will see if ts OK.... if I ever get to understand PIDs.

Thanks for all the info in your reply - its very helpful and appreciated.

Re: Two new CC3d FC - Problems!
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2016, 02:27:44 am »
No matter which Chinese seller you buy from there is a more than normal chance that what you get will have a problem.  It does also happen that you can get one that works just fine.  From what I have seen of friends' luck, I would assume the chance is 50-50.  The best thing you can do is to test every function, every connector as soon as you get it and if it is broken, don't stop bugging the seller till he has made it right for you.  In the mean time, report on the forum here the problems you have with a particular seller and the rest of us will avoid them.  That is the best way to fight back.

The best advice I can give about any suspect board is the same.  Install the lastest version of LP on your PC.  From that, install the latest firmware on the FC.  Then test everything.  Pretend it is installed in a quad and make sure everything works.  Artificial Horizon (PFD) in GCS follows your motions, mainport and flexiport work (test with e.g. a GPS).  If PFD works well on the ground it will probably work well in the air.