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Re: How to crash ( and break stuff ) in 60 seconds ( maiden )
« Reply #30 on: March 02, 2016, 08:48:27 am »
Update: problem solved.

I had my rmrc CC3D coming in and transferred the UAV file and.... All is good, flips and rolls in rattitude with cruise control or rate mode with gimbal function installed and enabled.

So, is was a bad board after all.

Re: How to crash ( and break stuff ) in 60 seconds ( maiden )
« Reply #31 on: March 02, 2016, 07:49:58 pm »
There is numbers that looks strange, but no "NaN" this time....

The cruiseControl should stop motors after some angle: default is 105°, here set to 80°

Did you set the motor neutrals ? > motor starts at 1030 ?
Be sure the motor don't stop completely to still have some control over rotation.
The min motor is 5, maybe it really stop because wrong neutral ?

Try with quad in hand, without props and try to reproduce without fly and take attention to board reboot (monitor flighttime) or something weird
Can you give details for template you used ?

CPU alarm is caused by all options enabled: TPS, board rotation and Gimbal... maybe too much for CC3D
I am so glad this had a happy ending. How frustrating.  Keep it in the air man. 
Sorry about that, maybe a CC3D related to Gimbal module.

It could be interesting see if a Revo has the same issue.

An update. I disabled the gimbal function and went out again, sure in rattitude mode with cruise control the freaky my thing rolls, motors stop and don't come up again....faling brick. I went up in rate mode again with manual throttle and I could flip and roll just fine switched back to rattitude and first roll was ok, second too third one....yep, again faling brick. Something is wrong with the cruise control execution. Sure the motors "stop" after a certain extent angle but they don't spool up again. I can tell you it is t nice to see your quad telling so much abuse and damage because you can't control it anymore. Broke already 6 props, one fpv cam, 3 arms, one VTx antenna....

The only way to flip or roll on this board is apparently in full rate mode.