libprePilot simulator flight test
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without connecting the drone can we run the simulator and control it thru frsky controller /keyboard connecting  by python code

Re: libprePilot simulator flight test
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It is my understanding that this is done by some developers when testing new flight mode code.  In some modes it uses a joystick or you can use your transmitter if you have a buddybox USB dongle that works with it.

Search the forum for "flightgear" and for "flight gear" and for "simulator".

LibrePilot also supports some other simulators (May be broken.  May require specific simulator versions.)
cliff@i925 ~/dev/librepilot/1609 $ find ground/gcs/src/plugins/hitl -iname '*sim*.cpp'

Re: libprePilot simulator flight test
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thanks for detials .will go thru it

Re: libprePilot simulator flight test
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Installed flightgear  and librePilot GCS  in windows system.  Under HITL simulation  for FlightGear  selected localhost   ( ) and port ( 9009)  and Remote Host ( and port( 9010) and  Path Executable (fgfs.exe) and Data directory selected from flightgear installed location. In HITL tab selected  FlightGear HITL and  clicked on  start .   Getting successful bound to ip address but getting Error:  Process failed to start : No such file or directory.  If we run manually flight gear selecting the port 9009 and tried to connect from HITL start getting FlightGear connected but crashes in minute .

If similar process tried with AeroSimRC then  success coming but not launching the simulator.  If we manually do not able to AerosimRC . is there any place  ip and port settings is there.