Revo not booting
« on: April 03, 2019, 10:39:09 pm »
Hi Guys

I've got a Revolution that I've loaded bootloader v6 onto and LP 15.09 onto but I cant seem to get telemetry over USB any more (a few days later?)

If I connect the FC in "rescue" I get the screen in my first attachment. In this state I have "USB Input Device Revolution" in my usb devices.

All seems well i can "erase" and "boot" and "safe boot" but when i do that I get told I can "reconnect telemetry" but it doesn't come up in the list or connect by itself to GCS in USB.

While watching the usb devices in usb deview the "USB Input Device Revolution" flickers conected/disconnected and the blue light turns off briefly and on again..

When I connect my other revo I get the following in usbdeview.

"USB Composite Device"
"Revolution Virtual Com Port"
"USB Input Device"..

what have I done to the original Revo? I actually upgraded both of these revo's at the same time from the original OP firmware/BL....


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Re: Revo not booting
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Hi, welcome.

Since the rescue works :
- disconnect board from USB port,
- click Upgrade&Erase button,
- connect board to USB port,
- wait firmware upload, erase and board to appears again.