attitude configuration
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I'm trying to configure mu Revo for autonomous flight.
I wonder how to set "Attitude ---> Settings ---> Attitude Estimation Algorithm". Any gps set give configuration error when i choose "GPS assist" in "Input ---> Flight Mode Switch Settings ---> Assisted control".
I need assisted control flight and automatic waypoint flight to take photo on for vegetation inspections.

Thank you in advance.

My hardware and software:

Linux Debian 9
Librepilot Sep 29 2018 15:42

Frame: Realacc (zmr250)
FC: Open pilot revo
Oplink 433Mhz
Distributor: happymodel
Esc: Racestar 30A
Motors: Racestar BR2307s 2200KV Green Edition
Gps: GPS Module Ublox NEO - M8N
Battery: 3S 1350
Radio: no radio
  usb joypad

Re: attitude configuration
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Should be "GPS Navigation (INS13)" to use the GPS for any flight modes or flight assist.

Re: attitude configuration
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Thank you for th answer!
Using "GPS Navigation (INS13)" even if Attitude --> flight mode switch settings --> assisted control --> none
the system ealth atti, stab, magn, are red
What behaviour shuold i expect using this configuration?

I would like a manul flight by which moving the quadcopter without taking care of the head position and a position for flight plan

Re: attitude configuration
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For those flight modes (head (headless?) position and flight plan) you need GPS flight modes.  For that you need INS13.  INS13 needs GPS and mag for all flight modes, even for flight modes that you would think do not need it.

It sounds like you have alarms.  In particular, INS13 won't arm until:
- you have GPS and mag installed correctly, configured correctly, and running correctly
- you have set home location
- mag is calibrated and green
- GPS has enough satellites to be green
- there are some flight modes it will not arm in, you must arm in other modes and switch to these
- there may be others I have forgotten...

You say that your mag is red.  That is at least one thing that will keep it from arming and flying.
Atti and Stab turn green after everything else is correct.
When Atti and Stab turn green you can arm.

You must also twist and carefully route your high current motor power wires (battery to connector, connector to PDB, PDB to ESC, ESC to motor) to avoid mag problems that only happen when motors are running with flight load (with props on).  Also, some PDB are not mag friendly.
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Re: attitude configuration
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This afternoon i tryed to make it fly
GPS received the signal of 14 satellites and become green.
Magnetometer lowly turned even if the quadcopter was steady on the ground; so i calibrated accelerometer, magnetometer, board level and gyro bias twice.
The magnetometer remained red so i raised the warning/error level to 0.08 and it became green even if the aux magnetometer is still grey.
The "INPUT" system health  was orange and i couldn't arm the drone.
I didn't find what to correct. Can you help me?
I post the photo of the error
Thank you in advance. I'm still on the ground.

Re: attitude configuration
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Input orange means it isn't seeing a receiver signal.  I wouldn't change mag warning level.


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Re: attitude configuration
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Orange Input is normal since you are using Joystick.

Is the Config > Input > arming setting set as Accessory0
and Throttle at minimum when you check the Arm Switch checkbox in Controller Widget ?

Also the flightmode used for arming will be a something basic using Attitude, without GPS mode or altitudeVario/Hold
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