Possible to flip in Attitude high bank angle?
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Something that I've been wondering about lately:

What will happen if - in Attitude mode - I set the 'Attitude mode response (deg)' on the 'Stabilisation - Advanced' tab to something like 100 degrees for pitch/roll and also have Cruise Control enabled with the Max Angle set to 95 degrees?
In other words, setting up the quad to rotate past 90 degrees in Attitude mode and also set Cruise Control to cut throttle at some point just past 90. Would the quad not be able to do flips/rolls in Attitude mode with these settings?

I know about Rattitude mode and have been using it quite successfully. Was just wondering if the above would work at all and/or what the results would be.

Re: Possible to flip in Attitude high bank angle?
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CruiseControl only affects the throttle so it doesn't have much to do with whether you can flip or not.  If you are expecting it to cut the motor off so it can coast through the rest of the flip, be aware that it only reduces the power, not shuts it off, and that up to full power can be activated for stabilization purposes (e.g. to stop it and hold it at your 95 degrees).  Also, even if that did work to make it coast through the flip, it would not be good to enter the flip very slowly as it would hit the ground before completing the flip.  90+ degrees isn't enough, you would probably need 180+ degrees, maybe more.

Rattitude is Attitude at center stick and Rate at max stick, so holding max stick will do continuous Rate flips.  Setting Attitude mode to say 181 degrees and holding max stick may just maintain the 181 degree bank.  Setting it to 361 might work if 181 fails.  You would have to use the System page for any setting higher than 180 since the GUI limits it to 180.

There are many things that affect whether this would work the way you hope it might and each would have to be looked at.  In the end, the easiest would be to test it.  :)  CC3D and Revo use different math representations and one may act differently than the other.  CC3D math has some singularities that may cause these high bank angles (close to 90 degrees) in Attitude mode to do unexpected things.

Let us know ... and make a video!  ;)
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