2 switch arming
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I am new to quadcopter building but enjoying it so far. I have a TBS Discovery with Revolution mini board. I recently came across a couple of good videos about the benefit and safety of using two switch arming and how to do so in regards to the the Taranis QX7 (which is what I have). Although the programming of the radio seems straight forward, I am not sure how, or if I have to mimic that in Librepilot itself? Undering the arming category at the end of the Transmitter Setup Wizard, a person has the options to select a single switch/stick direction as arming mode. I`m just not sure how two switch arming is dealt with here instead.
Any ideas?

Re: 2 switch arming
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Is this something that you do by combining two switches into one channel inside the transmitter configuration, and then using that one channel in LibrePilot?

That is the way to do multi-switch flight mode switches.

Edit:  Ah, you might mean that these other firmwares need you to be in the a special flight mode for the arming switch to even work?  I can imagine the FMS on one channel, and the FMS+Arming on another channel, with the lowest FMS position and the lowest arming switch position both required for it to arm.
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