Small Rover issues
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Im using Revo in a robot working nicely,just a few details could improve,maybe someboy can help me,as problably they came from pid's or mode (acro,etc).

1- The car in reverse don't follow straigth after a few meters.
2-when I use a xbox one controller,the car start to run, and the stick works diferent than in the transmiter.I modified the curves in veihucule section, but I dont know work the mixer, pid etc as Im quite new in RC.
3-I can't arming the robot with a combination from the transmiter, I have the robot always armed.
-I don't know how works the diferent modes in a ground vehicule as acro etc.I have setting the car to turn the wheels to keep the heading

Thank you for your effort and great hardware and software
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Re: Small Rover issues
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I made work it after set both (transmitter and xbox controller in mode 2) before the controler was in mode 1.

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The problem is after reboot, did,t work again,and had the same problem,in neutral the engine is spining, and when I brake, stop,and when release the brake, spin till 50% and when throttle, spin at 100%.

I couldn't try to fix it, as my usb conector fail ofen.
I'm a little lost with modes of stick, engine mixers etc,if somebody can advise me...

Should be nice if in next brand add dead zones to computer controllers
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Re: Small Rover issues
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When Arming is set to "Always Armed" it ignores changes!!!  This is a safety feature.  You must set Arming to something else, make change, and set back to "Always Armed".