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Newbie problem - quads dance like ballerina's!
« on: May 25, 2018, 04:02:23 am »
I posted as newbie question - because although I was OK doing this stuff 18 months ago... I  had a break from then  till recently - from all things quads!
All run CC3D and current FW installed then and reinstalled today - run teh setup through LP  and everything seemed just as it was when they went into hibernation.

One of the 500 frames seemed to have a slow back left ( Mars 2216 920kv) motor - changed it for a spare Phantom 3 motor - no change. replaced it and changed the EMAX 30A ESC... seemed OK on startup all seemed turning  the same ...added throttle and  it leapt up  like a ballerina and pivoted on the back left arm!
I swapped over to a 450 quad -  again CC3D was OK  last time out - but updated it and re did the setup - although virtually nothing needed changing.  Took it out tried it... did the same ballerina pirouette - on the same back left arm!   I have another 500 and 450  to test yet. 

So can anybody suggest a solution?? Is it the CC3D being a bit dated??    I know my two Naze FC seem to  be totally outdated and unusable now!!   
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Re: Newbie problem - quauds dance like ballerina's!
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2018, 04:26:34 am »
Not sure what you are saying.  Did it flip?  Give a better explanation of what happened.  :)  If it flips on takeoff it is a different issue.  Does it spin like max yaw stick?  Etc.

First, FC must be mounted in correct direction/orientation and ESCs must be plugged in the correct places, motors correct directions and correct (CW/CCW) prop mounted each place or it will flip.

Everything in the esc/motor/prop system must be matched and the same on each arm.  ESCs must be calibrated and neutrals set, motors the same (size and KV), props the same brand and size.

An experienced builder can balance an unbalanced set, but it is something that requires understanding how it all works and isn't something you want to do unless you already know how to do it.  :(

You can make sure your motors are pulling the same.  The following is dangerous and you will be controlling it with GCS with props on and a USB cable, with the quad in your hand.  Don't do it if you don't assume responsibility for this:
- remove props
- use a battery and USB at the same time
- go to Output page and "Link" all 4 outputs
- enable "Test Outputs"
- play with one slider and see that all sliders move as a group to control all motors
- get to where you can control the motors carefully and with small changes
- note that Home key stops the slider(s), it is a good safety feature
- the End key maxes slider(s).  Don't use it with props on.  Really, don't.
- power all down
- put props back on
- test again slowly do they all start at the same slider setting (within say 5 units of each other)
- move up to as much power as you are comfortable holding
- does it feel balanced or pulling to one side?
- (only) stop motors and unlink all outputs
- test one arm slider at a time, do any pull more or less than the others?  RPM sound is one good way to know.

You should have a good idea of whether they are balanced.
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