OSD and Revo Nano / CC3D
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I have been trying to get the OSD working on either of these boards.  As I have (2) each of them siting here I was attempting to get this going for one of my fixed wing aircraft.  I was just looking to get the artificial horizon pitch, roll on screen.

I have these two at the moment.  I was getting video through both.  It was suggested I flash different firmware onto the mini to get it to work.  Well I think I bricked it and it does not pass video any more.  I am trying to get that sorted out.  Is there and minimosd out there that will work with out reflashing?



I have not tried to flash the micro, it shows video but no input from the CC3D or the Revo?  I checked and rechecked that I have the Rx to Tx and Tx to Rx.  I have gone down the list in the drop down window, but nothing shows up on the monitor or goggles.

Thanks Buzz.

Re: OSD and Revo Nano / CC3D
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Have you used either of these setup guides?

MWOSD works for me with Revo.  There is a minor issue (something like odd/even frames) where OSD does not show in the DVR output of my goggles, but does show in the direct (low latency) output.

It may be that CC3D does not have enough memory to run MWOSD and so CC3D does better with MinOPOSD.  I forget the details.  @f5soh may be along and clarify about MWOSD and CC3D.

Re: OSD and Revo Nano / CC3D
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Yes, I was following the first link, was not able to get any OSD but had video.  I saw the thread open on RCU so I asked and was directed to flash new firmware onto the mini OSD.  When I followed those instructions, I have nothing, no video, no firm ware.  All I have is failed to talk to boot loader.  So I pulled the program to burn the boot loader, but it too fails.  So I have a dead board.

As for trying to use the Revo Nano as an interface.  I have yet to get either the CC3D or the Revo Nano to do any type of pass through.  I had screen shots, pictures on the old open pilot forum, all I was told, looks good, yet it would not do any type of pass through. 

I do have the FTDI and have been using it.

 Was wondering if there is a ready to go mini, micro sized OSD out there that would work with the Revo?



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Generally speaking, for CC3D you should use MinOPOSD (OP/LP protocol) firmware.  For Revo, Nano, Sparky2, you can use MWOSD (MSP protocol) firmware.  In both cases, you should be using MinimOSD hardware.

If you are not using MinimOSD hardware, you can maybe still get it working (not with CC3D) if your OSD supports MSP protocol, but you are kind of on your own there.

So if your OSD is MinimOSD hardware, you should be able to use the wiki instructions to get it working.  You do need a 5 wire connection from FTDI to OSD (IIRC).  I'm not sure about possible bootloader issues.  I haven't researched what to do if you have damaged your bootloader.

Re: OSD and Revo Nano / CC3D
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So after many hours of frustrations and more frustrations, this should not be this difficult.  I tried and tried to unbrick my Mini MINIMOSD.  Nope and nope.  I tried everything I could and was close, but error after error I said I am done.

So I ordered another one.  Took a week to get here, plugged it in, had the OSD show up but had no input from the CC3D.  So I google, find the this web page.


I pull the file LP_MinimOSD_CC3D_analog_inputs261017.hex

I plug in the FTDI, all wired up, it shows up in arducam OSD configurator.  Well here is where it all went bad last time.  I read from OSD, DONE!, OKAY, better than last time.  I open the update firmware, locate the file, hit the button...............................DONE!

OK Open Libre Pilot, plug in CC3D, configure per the web page.  Save, disconnect, plug in wire harness from CC3D to OSD, plug in camera, VTx, ESC, then plug in flight battery, all lights on, so far so good.  Plug in battery to my EV100 goggles, OH SNAP!!!! I have a WORKING OSD!!!!!!

Now I need to go through and see what I need or want to show up on the screen. 

See this is how it should be, easy, super easy.  I even setup the Revo Nano and it works too.  Now I need to order another GPS for the Revo Nano and get a plane ready to fly.

Revo Nano, GPS, Power Monitor, compass heading, flight modes stabilize, loiter, RTH.  I will be real happy.

I am going to say my first OSD might be bad.  That ir I really jacked it up beyond coming back to operation.