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Librepilot2Go Info page and satellites acquired
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:56:30 pm »
There was a similar thread that talked around this topic but in an attempt to reply with this question, it was suggested to start a new topic.
First, I find Librepilot2Go a terrific app when in the field. I've been at this quadcopter (and all rc) stuff for about 5 months. The telemetry features on the Additional Info Panel are very helpful but since enabling GPS, I find one glaring oversight: satellites acquired is missing. Although Satellites in View is helpful, not easily seeing the acquisition progress is unfortunate. One can go to the Data page and scroll through to the GPSPositionSensor then expand to see the Satellites (acquired) but having it on the Info or TextToSpeech announcing the progress would be very helpful.

On that previous thread @Marc said:
 "... I'm pushing an update tonight.
It should be 'GPSPositionSensor' => 'Satellites' ...".   

Is that update available?

Again, thanks for a great app that has made flying these complicated devices more convenient and fun.