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FYI: There was a bug where GCS did not clear out the old (mag) calibration before making a new calibration and the work around was to manually set the calibration data back to default before running the calibration.  I don't think this is an issue, but I raise the question that LP2Go might? (still?) have an issue like this which would cause this problem.  I know it is different code bases and not likely.  Just keep this in mind as a possibility...

I think the easiest way would be to do 3 (or so) GCS calibrations and print out the calibration data each time (just save UAV file will work well), then do 3 LP2Go calibrations and print out each of it's calibration data sets.  There will be a variation in each set, but it should be fairly obvious looking at (just some numbers):
2.731, 2.702, 2.658
as compared to say:
2.691, 2.711, 2.729
to see that these are probably the same

2.731, 2.702, 2.658
as compared to say:
2.777, 2.815, 2.822
are somewhat different

The above is an example of comparing just 1 number of the 12.  You could get by with testing only the 6 numbers from the mag source you are actually using.

As I recall there are 12 numbers in each mag calibration, 6 for each mag (on board and aux):
3 "offsets from neutral" and 3 "strength multipliers".  The 3's come from the 3 dimensions.

A harder way:
I'm not sure exactly how you would do this, but if you think the two codes make two different calibrations, you should have both GCS and LP2Go watching the same calibration.

This could be done by allowing both to watch the stream, but making one "read only" so only one set of commands gets to the FC, but both can see the results from the FC.

An example would be to have both GCS and Android funnel through a single serial connection where both were connected to RxData but only one connected to TxData.  GCS set up with an FTDI to serial to OpLink.  LP2Go set up with Bluetooth to a Bluetooth to serial receiver and that ground wire and TxData wire connected into the GCS serial connection.

Another example might be to make a log while doing the GCS calibration and ask for a way to play it back in the LP2Go.

Pains like these are part of life as a programmer.  :)


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Re: App Development
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Strange, the mag calibration option is no longer there in Alpha app. I have ver
Is there a later version?

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