Help with bank settings!
« on: October 11, 2017, 12:08:24 pm »
Hi to all cc3d guys. can you help or advise please. I'm sort of a newbie, this is the first time using cc3d but have flown naze fc's without too many probs simply because they were pre-installed in artf models.

Now i have done a complete scratch build of a 250 quad with cc3d fc, all is well, its configured and flying great. I have a three pos switch selecting different flight modes, and it works fine, a second three pos  is allocated in accessorie 0. Is it possible to use this switch to select between banks 1-3, or can it only be used on buzzers or electronic switches  etc? it appears to use the output pins for extra ESC's/Motors

I would like to set various configurations in different banks to see how the model responds by switching in flight in a similar manner to the flight mode switch, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Help with bank settings!
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The desired bank is selected for each switch position in FMS setup.

A single RC channel is all that can be used for FMS.  You can set up your transmitter (some transmitters, see your tx instructions) to make several switches output to the same channel so that a 2 pos switch and a 3 pos switch might give a single 6 pos channel (2 times 3) with equal spacing between the positions in the signal.