FrySky i10 setup
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:43:00 pm »
I have 3 flight modes setup with the i10, I have the other switch set for the other 3 modes yet I can not get the Revo Nano to see more than the first 3.  When I go through the Tx setup, it sees the first switch but I can not get it to see any other switch?

Any one out there setup an i10?  It is a nice radio, tons of features and for the most part easy to setup.  Well my planes have been easy.

Is there a way to see through the GCS what the Tx is doing?  flip the switch and see what flight mode it is in?  I was flipping the flight mode switch on several screens and I did not see anything change.  I may have missed it,.



Re: FrySky i10 setup
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LP only has one flight mode switch.  If you want to use 2 switches, you must program the transmitter to mix them both onto the same channel.  This is only possible on some transmitters and not others.

The Input page will show you all about the current channel positions.  Input -> FlightModeSwitch will highlight in orange the current mode.  Input -> RadioControlInput will show you the current stick positions.  There is a lag of about a second.  You must have a battery plugged in or the receiver will not be powered.

Re: FrySky i10 setup
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Thanks, I was wondering.  I had to use a logic switch with the i10 to get the 6 flights modes for the PX4.  I just need to remember how to do it. :)