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Servo Gimbal - configuration Issue
« on: December 07, 2015, 02:28:50 pm »
Hello guys,
I was doing some tests with my home made servo gimbal wqhen I realised it would be of a help to share here.
If you set a gimbal for pan and tilt, make sure you set the motor middle point to 1500, the limits can be anything, but 1500 must be the middle. I use a cheap hobbyking 9 grams servo, and when I am adjusting it on the gimbal tab and change the max, min and middle I can no longer get the level to work. so basically set min and max like 800 and 2300 and set the slider to 1500, go to the gimbal tab and adjust it.. I hope it is of a use. if anyone needs hint to calibrate the gimbal ask me cause I suffered my way out of it and figured it out.

I tested also with another servos, chinese ones same behavour, (could it be a flaw in the CGS(?))
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