Possible CC3D controller?
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Hi All
First time on the forum, please be gentle.
Also first (of many) questions.
Been reading up on controllers for fbl helicopters. Various fc's mentioned but I don't recall anything about this one:
Seems smaller and lighter than the others, not to mention cheaper (cheapskate, moi?)
so would it be suitable for flashing with Librepilot and using as a heli fc?
Otherwise, does the same one go by a different name?
HK are notorious for renaming things and selling as HK product, so what do you think?


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Re: Possible CC3D controller?
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Yes that would work. Check these links out.


This link has good info if you read between the line and just as good if you don't.


I would go with a nano from Sasquatch labs because the nano is small and has a f4 cpu. You would also be able to use altitude hold with it too.its only 10 more buck from your 15 that you want to spend. But i believe the one you put the link to is a cc3d atom rebrand
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Re: Possible CC3D controller?
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Hi Waynes World

Thanks for that, food for thought.
Looked at that Nano, and it is in fact bigger than the Mini I linked to. However that is probably the size of the protective case it comes with.
I would guess it can be used without the case. Wonder where I would get the bare dimensions.
One thing did interest me.
If you look at my link, under Features, and the Nano, under Specs, they are both identical, even as to wording.
Sure sign someone is copying from someone else.
Which way, I don't know


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Re: Possible CC3D controller?
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Use this link as a reference  point. It's from the librepilot themselves and click on each different board and it will give you all the info there is on them. If you look at enough website they all have the same info on them of how they discrib there boards i match them up and see what they are called here and go by that because what ever any shop that sells them calls them doesn't matter because it in the GCS and you have to go off the name that the firmware and librepilot use so you dont get it confused with something else or you dont get stuck on the wrong name.