Rise RXD250 violent flipping
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:34:10 am »
Hi bought this rxd 250 went through setup 10 times every time I try to fly it flips violently libre pilot says every thing is ready to fly , the board is 90deg off set usb is on left side arrow on board points to right side instead of forward, but cant find anything in librepilot to change it , this was pnp, everything else assembled, motors turn right way, props on correct, just cant seem to find problem,  flight control is glued or screwed on ,cant tell which

Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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You must tell the setup that your board is rotated or it will do that.

"rotate virtual"


Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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thanks for the reply I tried rotating 90+ and 90- still flips out maybe got a bad board but cant send back now that I used it, was supposed to be setup from factory ready for my receiver, I have phantom 3 , inductric and some kk2.0 and apm quads and tricopters but never had any act like this , I scratch built my kk2 ,apm and naza quads so I know how to check out motors and esc and props,maybe just getting too old, have never used librepilot used betaflight and cleanflight, this first quad I have had that reacts like this

Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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There are many reasons for flips like this, wrong props on wrong motors, motor direction, ESCs plugged in the wrong order, bad ESC calibration / neutral, one or more weak motors, FC board rotation, bad PIDs, even just slowly increasing thrust for lift off instead of jumping up (worse if tilted starting from the side of a hill).
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Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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Happened to me I knew what I am doing cause I build quite few copters like an addict, all worked one I couldn't figure out, I checked everything and in the end it was wrong ESC to wrong servo, they all looked similar somehow I even check them and missed that wrong order ;) can happen! Nothing to be ashamed ;) but yeah lots of small details can lead to this. Prop type R or not R on right motor, right directions, right servo wires to right channels, right FC orientation and so on...


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Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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On what axis did you try the +90 and -90. From memory I think its the one all the way to the left. Cuz if you set the wrong one to 90 it would think your board was mounted on its side ... You'res should be -90 on yaw. The way you discribed it

Re: Rise RXD250 violent flipping
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just went through the same issue. im new to the race quad hobbie and it took me for ever to figure out that the yaw must be -90. from the configuration tab then down to attitude on the left side then all the way to the top right you will see the "yaw"