Tx Setup Wizard and CC3D
« on: February 27, 2017, 10:48:58 pm »
I'm trying to configure a CC3D FC for use in a DIY Quad.  All appears to go as expected with the Vehicle Setup Wizard and for most of the Tx Set up.  However when the Wizard asks for the sticks to be centred and then moved to their extremities they don't move on the screen although the screen shows Receiver Activity for the correct channels. If I go back to the Remote Control Input screen the sliders all move as expected when the sticks are operated.  Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?


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Re: Tx Setup Wizard and CC3D
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That a known issue occurring when you skip the flightmode switch detection, you can use the following workaround or define / configure a switch / channel in your radio for flightmode usage.

When the wizard ask to move the stick to extend, the sticks do not move on screen but you may continue moving to limits before go to the next step. This step define the min/max values for every channel input.

For the last step where the stick movement need to be checked and reverted is needed (jump to 0:40 in video):
- Go to the System tab (=UAVOBrowser) > Settings > ManualControlSettings and search for "FlightModeNumber"
- Set the value to 1 and press red up arrow at top of screen to Save

Go back to the last step "Check if reversed", you can see the sticks moving on the screen and select the channels to be reversed or not.

(edited by Cliff to help find and save the setting more easily.  :) )
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Re: Tx Setup Wizard and CC3D
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Thanks for the prompt and very helpful reply.  I assigned a Flightmode switch, I didn't think it was essential before, and now the setup completes normally.