Re: Motors go max speed with very limited throttle!
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The usual cause of some motors going to full power and others staying off during takeoff (CC3D or Revo with Basic) is that you have something wrong with one of:
wrong props (CW/CCW and know that a CW tractor prop mounted upside down is still a CW tractor prop, it blows in the same direction, just not as hard)
wrong direction of motors (you can't have two wrongs make a right.  motor directions must be correct)
ESCs plugged in the wrong place
board mounted in a strange direction (not right side up and arrow forward) and not adjusted for this non standard mounting.

These are different reasons than bench testing / doing ESC calibration.  It is because stabilization is backwards and once it is a little unlevel, when it tries to make it level, it just makes it worse, which makes it try to level even more, which makes it much worse.  All with just milliseconds in between and to a human perception it instantly flips violently.

Re: Motors go max speed with very limited throttle!
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Hey, thanks for the quick response. It is annoying cause I did a build before and followed all the same steps, even did the build on the same table and the last one worked perfectly .. Anywhoo ..
Blades are not on yet, I like to do all the testing with the blades off and all the electrics and solder points accessible in case, so blades are not the problem.
I relocated, leveled the craft, re configured the board from scratch(double checked esc connections), now all the motors spin, all the time.. so one pblm down. but it is still going to full throttle all the time. I redid the radio setup a couple times paying special attention to the throttle config. I played with the throttle curve in the taranis, as well on the gcs ... but nothing.. The motors are responding to attitude changes of the board as well as yaw/roll/pitch inputs on the radio.. I'll pbly reset my tricopter and see how it works, and take off 2 motors from the hex, configure it as a quad and see.. not sure what that will prove .. but i'm lost for now!


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Re: Motors go max speed with very limited throttle!
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Post your config file
File > Export UAV Settings

You can also post a log file, using the Tools > Start log and after some time testing your outputs do a Tools > Stop log

No need to post in various threads. "Showroom" mean "Show" more than "Can you fix my issue ?"
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