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FPV LR with Revo
« on: November 19, 2015, 06:54:53 am »
Hi guys,

I figured that if I keep hijacking other people posting I might get boot in my A** so I open up a new thread.

Anyone with experience flying FPV LR on the Revo? Tips and tricks?

I am looking at these set up currently;

1. TBS Crossfire on 868mhz (915 is not permitted here)
2. Revo full board (Where on earth to get it other than China?)
3. M8N GPS Module (any better ones out there?)
4. MinimOSD for Battery and RSSI information

Anything other than motors, ESC & PDB i am missing?

These are going on a Armattan TILT - R and FPV Rev 2

Re: FPV LR with Revo
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2015, 03:39:17 pm »
So 868 for telemetry and RC and 5.8G for video.  And you have Revo telemetry on 433 turned off.

In all cases where you are using more than one RF gadget (even GPS), it is a good idea to somehow test everything at max range to make sure that nothing has degraded performance.

Maybe test your RC in range test mode (reduced Tx power) with the 5.8G off and again with it on.

I don't do long range FPV, but I would suggest that you have an OSD with a battery level (fuel tank level) indicator to know that you can get back (and test it).  Test your RTB.  Be aware that current RTB takes off sideways and does not do an initial vertical climb.  One time I wanted to fly a long way out I purposefully held my transmitter low and in a slightly RF shaded place.  When the vehicle went into failsafe, I raised the RC transmitter up over my head and got it back.  Don't start out by flying downwind.  It takes more power and time to get back than to get there.  Make longer and longer flights rather than starting out very long range.


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Re: FPV LR with Revo
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2015, 05:45:59 pm »
Hello, if you really want to try Lr than you should use 2.4GHz fpv which is no problem if you use tbs crossfire rc. 
The System safety twice important than normal, you have to triple check anything... Are you experienced in long time flying? Maybe try that first to see if esc and all the other stuff can work long time.


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Re: FPV LR with Revo
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2015, 05:51:11 am »
Thanks TheOtherClift for your valuable insight!

We are looking to a antenna tracker and stuffs like that to got our video downlink solid. We might even put our Antenna on a damn 3 meter pole that we use to retrieve our brunch/tree huggers ... Who knows? Will update the progress on that hahahaha

We have problems with MinimOSD with our Atom running OP GCS before with many arming issues and levelling issues, not sure if it happens on the Revo?

Hi Mazevx,

That is another alternative that we haven't thought off! We saw the 3.3G video which is also new so I Guess we have to play around with options.

I agree with you that safety is very important that's why I am looking into automation on the RTB matters if I'd really want to fly I would prefer manual flight but I know there will be a lot of anguish(lost quad).

Experience LR pilot? Yeah I am, I fly Embrer and Cessna their ESC last a Long time ;P

Actually you just bought up a very important point to take note in light of many DYS 20A going up in smokes!

Any to recommend?

Re: FPV LR with Revo
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2015, 07:51:35 am »
I buy batches of whatever is cheap on eBay.  I would say that when you buy cheap motors you get what you pay for, especially the bearings.  I'm not saying that is bad.  You get your money's worth.  The cheap ESC's are well worth it from what I have bought.  Cheap, name-of-the-week lipos are generally not worth it.  Cheap quad kits at $10 to $14 shipped, I buy 4 or 5 and have plenty spare parts.

I just bought some Venom name-brand lipos, 4s 3300 30c for $22 each shipped that I am very happy with.  I also bought some SunnySky 2212's (not the cheap Angels) at $32 for 4 shipped.

Start simple, but with good twisted motor and battery wiring for later mag use.  Fly Attitude mode with Complementary (Attitude Estimation Algorithm) without FPV.  Then get GPS and mags working with INS13 and VelocityRoam mode.  I like and use telemetry.  It is great to see what is going on.  It can plot where the vehicle is on a Google satellite map (can be previously downloaded).  Then add FPV with simple omni antennas without OSD.  Add things one at a time and get it well tested.  RTB (RTH), waypoint flight, different flight modes if you prefer them, OSD, directional antennas, trackers.