Librepilot with CC3D settings help
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:39:59 pm »
Hello guys and gals, I'm a beginner in the FPV quad scene, and trying to set up three different modes on my quad for beginner, medium, and advanced. I already know how to set up the three states on a switch, and have done so- the settings are:

Pos 1: Flight mode: Stabilized 1 (R: Attitude, P: Attitude, Y: AxisLock, T: Manual); Settings bank 1, Assisted Control None

Pos 2: Flight Mode: Stabilized 2 (R: Rate Trainer, P: Rate Trainer, Y: Rate, T: Manual); Settings Bank 1, Assisted Control None

Pos3: Flight Mode: Stabilized 3 (Rattitude, Rattitude, Rate, Manual); Settings Bank 1, Assisted Control None

My goal here is for state 1 to be simple, limited to 15 degree angles on roll and pitch, with unlocked yaw, as a trainer. I want this to auto correct to 0 degrees roll and pitch when the sticks are let go.

State 2 is meant to be a preparation for unlocked controls in the sense that it doesn't correct me back to 0 when the sticks are released. However, I would like to limit this one to 35 degrees in any direction.

State 3 is Rattitude, with unlocked angles but auto correction to 0- this works perfectly as it is.

My issue is that I don't know how to set banking limits on 1-2. How would I go about doing this?

Re: Librepilot with CC3D settings help
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Alright, so I should create 3 bank setting sets, one at 15, one at 35, and one with no limit, and set Mode 1, 2, and 3 to their respective banks?


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Re: Librepilot with CC3D settings help
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No need the third 'no limit' bank for Rattitude.

One bank for RateTrainer at 30° limit should be fine and keep others as default Attitude response (55°)
15° is quite low if you want to do some 'braking' maneuver.

For a beginner, just keep the settings and config simple.