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DJI phantom 3 motors =-soldering issues
« on: October 10, 2016, 01:05:42 am »
I have a Phantom P3 - so when I decided to build a quad - I opted from the same motors knowing them to be better (INHO) than most and at least I had props in stock!
The motors come with pre tinned wires - to which I added bullets...but  thd  wires would not "tin" so I  just pushed them into ht liquid solder and  let them cool before letting them free from  the croc clips.
I recently had  what seemed a faulty motor after the quad flipped on take off - which it did not do on its previous outing.
I  bought a  replacement.
While  cutting the heat shrink off the "old" motor - the wire came out of the bullet, leaving a neat hole. Dry joint??  I cleaned it  up,  got a  new bullet and soldered it  in.
Testing showed the motor still had problems. I set about checking each wire and sure enough, out came another wire.
Same old problem I cannot tin the bare copper wire.
I have tried the modern lead free and also some 30 years old bits in the  junk box which contain lead - neither would tine the wires.

What am I doing wrong ??? irons hot enough, used a flux pen,  but nothing  keeps solder on the wires.

Seem to have found the answer.  DJI apparently have their motor wires varnished ( water resistance???)  I scraped then with a scalpel blade and got enough off to get some tinning applied.
Hope that  helps others in future..
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