gimbal lock
« on: June 08, 2016, 11:11:42 am »
i am looking for a way to lock the gimbal on an aux channel...i want to be able to set the camera angle anywhere using pot and then lock the gimbal irrespective of any pitch change on the quad...

can i edit the firmware, if so...what homework do i need to do?

Re: gimbal lock
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Other gimbal features
The gimbal Lock and Home features are controlled from a 3-way switch assigned to channel 8. Position #1 activates the Lock feature while position #3 activates the Home feature. Both features are inactive when the switch is in the middle position, making the gimbal operate normally. The second page on the Receiver Test screen can be used to find which feature is assigned to which switch position (AUX 4).
When activated, the Lock feature will make the gimbal stop responding to self-level corrections, but gimbal offsets can still be adjusted remotely.

When the Home feature is activated the gimbal will go to a user-defined position and stay there until this feature is switched off again. It will not respond to self-level corrections or remote offset adjustments in this mode. Home roll and pitch positions are set from the Gimbal Settings screen. Valid range is -1000 to +1000.