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Troubleshooting Guide for LP/OP helicopters

Can't save new settings:
Be sure it is not armed. You can't save if it is armed

Servos won't move:
In Configuration / Vehicle after any changes do a 'Jerry Save'. Jerry Conus found this work-around: save with "CCPM 3 servo 140" degree swash and save again with 120 degree swash. This is due to a bug in the GCS-Ground Control Station-software.

Be sure "Collective Pass Through" is checked.

If there are zeros for Inputs in Configuration / Input / RC Input get some conservative numbers to start with and then run Manual / Calibration.

Servos barely move:
Set rates in Configuration / Stabilization / to at least 360 degrees / second. 220 is too low.

Servos move wrongly:
Check wiring
Check board attitude -- Revo Mini has little white arrow indicating top/forward
if rear servo is alone then it is ",[0]", if not then front servo is ",[0]".  [1] is the next servo clockwise.

Servos buzz:
set rate use 50 if uncertain because it won't damage anything

Won't arm:
be sure Configuration / Vehicle didn't reset to "Always Disarmed"
try manual calibration
try lowering throttle minimum
motor still won't run
    check motor / ESC combination on a radio without the FBL controller
Tips and scrapes blades on take off:
reverse Roll and / or Pitch swash corrections for the offending axis or axes.
The correction direction is hard to see. It is easier to feel with your finger which direction the swash moves. I put my finger under the part I think should move.

Spins on ground:
reverse yaw corrections
    reverse in TX AND Configuration / Inputs / (reverse yaw checkbox)

On take off it goes left/right/fore/aft:
change the swash level and limits accordingly

too wobbly:
lower P

too mushy:
raise P

Not enough pitch:
Change the limits in Configuration / Outputs
OR change the limits in System / / Settings / Actuator Settings (my preference)
OR Very carefully get to the limits in Configuration / Vehicle / Swash Leveling

Swash jumpy:
set the throttle neutral just a couple of points higher than throttle minimum
check throttle curves in System / Mixer Settings: Curve1 source is throttle and Curve2 source is COLLECTIVE. 0, 0.025, 0.50, 0.75, 1 == curve1 -1, -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1 == curve2 for a CP heli.

Wind-Does not handle wind:
Raise Outer Loop values until it does

Hope it helps!
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