Crazy roll when GPS set up
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CC3D Revo w/ OP GPS

I recently set up my GPS - everything appears to be working, all lights green in LibrePilot.  However when I arm and try to take off in my simple takeoff mode (no GPSAssist), I get wild rolls to the right and the quad inverts itself on the ground.

My takeoff mode does not use GPSAssist, R/P/Y/Thrust are Attitude/Attitude/AxisLock/Manual.

Strangely, if I leave all my settings exactly the same, but remove GPSAssist from my mode list entirely, and change attitude estimation to Basic (Complimentary), I can takeoff and fly just fine.

Any ideas?
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Re: Crazy roll when GPS set up
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Here's my config.


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Re: Crazy roll when GPS set up
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Your accelerometer calibration looks asymmetric when i look at scales.

Remember your Mag should still ok with motors On or attitude using INS13 remain wrong.
INS13 use 13 inputs to determine the Attitude and position in space, not only Accelerometer/Gyro like Complementary.

Maintain firmly frame on ground, increase throttle and look at Mag alarm. Be safe !

Re: Crazy roll when GPS set up
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Don't know if this helps but i had the same issue. I had to re-calibrate all my sensors after the gps made lock. But my unit was showing upside down in flight data when i hooked back up from the flipping. After recal it showed it was right side up and ok. BUt if i dont have a gps lock mine wont even take off. Hope it helps some. But f5soh knows his stuff and has helped me out more than once so i would follow his advise for sure. Good luck friend.
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