nothing ventured nothing gained
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Did a 1 mile LOS flight late night/early morning this weekend. This is by far the furthest I've been LOS or FPV. I only have about 10 minutes max battery time at a hover. Seven minutes mild flight time at the best. And when you fly out that far at the end of a flight session, you can be sure it wasn't mild. I don't know how i got that far in the first place,but i did know the area so "F" it right. I could barely even see my LEDs any more much less orientation. So i made the decision to ground it at this point. I had glow sticks attached to it in the case of a dislodged battery. But, i was still worried that i had made a bad decision with my investment. I did however capture all of it on video. And have yet to hear of any UFO sightings in the area lol. But its Monday morning and who know what today brings. Have a great week friends. Keeper shiny side up.

 How long of a video can be posted here and whats the best format?
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