My Source for LibrePilot / OpenPilot Boards
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A while back I noticed that my go-to place for buying Sparky2's (eBay seller PorcupineRC) was no longer selling on eBay so with some help from @Jdl, I hunted them down and found that it is a real store overseas that sells things we use here.

I have bought many batches of Sparky2's (and a few Revos) from them while they were still on eBay (;topicseen#msg33740) and been pleased with them.  I've bought directly from the store and got fast service and good boards.  @Jdl has bought from them too and recommended them to me.

The Sparky2's are perfect.  They are the black ones and the little quirks (black board, receiver power jumper, correct oplink filter instead of a shunt, thin OpLink antenna cable with coil antenna, Mainport/Flexiport cables, unsoldered servo pins) all match the official ones that TauLabs linked to long ago.  The Revos have the typical slight excess of baro noise (see in my link above) but there are multiple easy fixes for that. also has OpLinks.

The free shipping may disappear if they start to sell.

Revo - USD $33.90 - free shpping - (OpLink has small X2, so seems to be good version)

Sparky2 - USD $39.90 - free shipping - (OpLink has small X2, so seems to be good version)

OpLink - USD $12.63 - plus NOT free shipping ($20 in the past? but you can get multiples for $20?) (small X2, so seems to be good version)
I tried to determine OpLink shipping cost to USA by partially completing with PayPal and it seemed to let me complete the purchase for only $12.63 so maybe free shipping there, but don't count on it.
Banggood (small X2, so seems to be good version) sells them for $33 free shipping so same price.
eBay has the air/ground pair for $38.50 shipped but the last time I bought this style (not from eBay) they had the large X2 and would only talk to other "large X2".

Has anyone bought an OpLink Air/Ground pair that had the "small X2" and thus worked with "correct" boards?

Feel free to add to this thread if you have a source you would like to share.  :)
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Re: My Source for LibrePilot / OpenPilot Boards
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Oplink Mini

I've bookmarked this link (from AliExpress seller):

$23.99 (including VAT) + Free shipping to my country.

Although I haven't bought it (I do already have enought spares, hopefully...), it might desereve a try, the price is good.

PorcupineRC sells it for $12.63 but at checkout the shipping cost (Air Parcel to Bulgaria) is $55.90! This is insane. Thankfully, the Revolution FC is still offered with a free shipping!

Re: My Source for LibrePilot / OpenPilot Boards
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I've tried several times to order, but the "Buy now" and "Add to cart" buttons just pop up a "Please select all product options" message.  I don't see any options except shipping destination.  What am I missing?