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Hello everyone
I made a land vehicle, car, I have these 3 questions:
1) currently the machine only goes forward, is it possible to enable the function to make it go backwards too?
2) in the window: veicoli-> ground because there are 2 throttle curves and how do you choose them on the vehicle?
3) is there also a steering curve?

Tnks a lot!

To make the car go both forwards and backwards, you first need an ESC that can run the motor both forwards and backwards.  Then there is some minor setup and a lot of cautions to be careful that "stop" is mid throttle stick.  The two most common firmwares (BLHeli and SimonK) and probably other firmwares have a throttle option where the default is one direction motor with off - low - medium - high and the other option is high reverse - medium rev - low rev - off - low forward - medium fwd - high fwd.  You will probably need to flash a special version of the firmware or config.

My hurried recollection about the 2 throttle curves is that it is mainly for use in collective pitch helis.  Perhaps someone can give further info.

You can set expo in GCS, but I haven't used it.  You can also possibly set expo in your transmitter.
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Thanks a lot Cliff!  :)
for quick support and valuable information!


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You can try using the Vehicle setup wizard for cars
It worked fine for me.
Its under Vehicle - Configuration.
Click it and follow insgtructions