Impossible to save configuration
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I'm pretty new here, and facing some issues while configuring my Eachine 250.

I have managed to configure it previously using a Taranis 9XD and D4R-II. I tried to pulg a WindBox on it (didn't work) and revert back to the Taranis.

When I configure the CC3D with LibrePilot GCS, all goes smooth until I go to "save". Then I have a message "preparing mixer settings" which turns red, and I can't go further. I erased / reboot several times, to no avail.

It also seems that the CC3D does not "see" my Taranis anymore (using PPM)...

Thanks for the help!



Re: Impossible to save configuration
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It must be disarmed to save settings (a safety issue).  If you use "always armed" you must change that first.  If you use stick or switch to arm you must disarm first.

GCS version and firmware version must match too.

Re: Impossible to save configuration
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Can you describe your actions in more detail, because i have the same problem and can't solve it?


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Re: Impossible to save configuration
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Cliff refers to Arming Settings bottom of this page
You have to have
  • in disarmed state
  • Matching GCS and Firmware version
to be able to save your settings.

Firmware tab usually shows Firmware version, and GCS usually offers to update firmware after connecting to flight-controller when versions are not matching.
In order for GCS to talk to Firmware running on hardware, they must recognize the same UAV objects and these may change between different versions of firmware or GCS, that's why you always must have both running the same version. Otherwise some objects might be interpreted incorrectly and you would save wrong settings to your flight-controller.

Armed state is not only safety measure but also freezes all initial settings that cannot be set in flight and has been configured, that's why you can't change fundamental stuff when board is armed.

Re: Impossible to save configuration
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1)Does it mean that versions of GCS and Firmware are matching?(pic in attachment)
2)When i set something no "always disarmed" i can't save settings. Red cross  apperas on the button.
3)I use open pilot 15.02.02. Is it correct?


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Re: Impossible to save configuration
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This is  exactly the same problem im having

Re: Impossible to save configuration
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If the GCS version does not match the firmware version, then when you plug in USB the GCS will pop up a warning that says so.  If you don't get this pop-up then they match correctly.

If you set it to "always armed", that is when you cannot save settings.  It lets you save with "always disarmed".  It's not good to use "always armed" for copters.  If it won't let you arm normally, there is a safety reason why it won't let you arm and you need to figure it out.

If you are building a new quad, you might consider using LibrePilot 16.09.  OpenPilot does not exist anymore.  LibrePilot is effectively the next version of OpenPilot.

If you bought a ready to fly quad, then you should probably leave the version as it came until you find a reason to upgrade.  There is a lot to learn to do an upgrade.  A lot of work to avoid if there isn't a good reason to upgrade.

Re: Impossible to save configuration
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