keys to move the (OsgEarth) PFD:PFD around?
« on: May 19, 2020, 09:49:55 am »
S - is for status and it shows some debug info
W - does something that looks like ground transparency, but I don't have a GPS connected, so it's hard to tell

I recall there being a way of at least moving the PFD viewpoint ("camera") up and down or zoom it in and out, or is that only for the PFD:ModelView and not the PFD:PFD?

If someone knows where in the code this (the PFD:PFD 's' and 'w') is done and what the options are, I would appreciate it.  I grepped -i everything for Key_ and 's' and status, but nothing jumped out at me.  I got as far as the pfd qmls calling uav.js to get Attitude.Roll etc. and figured I would ask and go to bed.  :)

Latest 'next' (r796)