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Revo FC gyro works in dRonin,but not in LibrePilot.
« on: December 09, 2018, 07:40:49 am »
I have a total of 4 Revo FC from HobbyKing. The gyro of 1st one stopped working few days after configuration in Librepilot (GCS 16.09), then I get the 2nd one, and gyro stopped working again after few days of configuration, and the pattern repeated until I got the 4th Revo. All other functions perform normally without problems.

Few days ago, I flashed one of the Revo FC with dRonin GCS, and the bad gyro started to work. This happens on all the 4 Revo FC. I took a Revo FC flashed with dRonin and re-flashed back in LibrePilot, the gyro still did not work.

The gyro of my 5th Revo FC still works in LibrePilot GCS.

Can anyone explain this ?


Re: Revo FC gyro works in dRonin,but not in LibrePilot.
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2018, 08:01:08 am »
What do you mean by "gyro doesn't work?"

Are you aware that default AttiEstAlgo (Basic) inits the gyro (calculates bias) with each new battery (and during arming too?), and that beginning in 16.09, it watches to make sure that it is perfectly motionless before doing gyro init.  It must be placed on firm ground immediately after battery is plugged in.  A human would have a hard time holding it motionless enough for gyro init to complete, and then it would drift more than init sitting on good firm surface.

Some FC's have worse gyros than others.  We have seen some that need this "wait for board steady" (Attitude->Settings page) turned off, or the board is steady threshold set higher (somewhere in System -> Settings)