Can't hold the position
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Hi, I'm really new in this world. I tried to configure my cc3d to make the drone more stable. it's stable more or less, but its going in one direction. I would like to keep the position when i'm leaving the ground and during the landing. But he is going in one direction.
I tried to fix it from the trasmitter, but i spent time for nothing because outside a bit of wind changes the direction.
I think i just configured something wrong.
Any suggestions?

Re: Can't hold the position
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CC3D is like a puff of smoke from a cigarette.  If there is no wind it stays in one place.  If there is wind, it blows with the wind.  The pilot is required to make it stay in one place if there is any wind.  Even without wind and "perfect" trim it will still drift a little.  The perfect car will not stay on a straight road without a driver or auto-pilot.

CC3D does not have sensors to be able to tell the difference between drifting with the wind and no wind.  Imagine if you were in space half way between earth and mars, flying at 25000 mph or kph.  You could not tell whether your speed was 0 or 25000.  If you were flying a full sized helicopter with a blindfold, you could not tell if you were drifting with the wind or there was no wind.

The standard sensor to make it stay in one place when the wind is blowing is a GPS.  You need a Revo class FC to have GPS flight modes.  CC3D can install a GPS, but it does not use it for flight, just to report position via telemetry.

There is a lot of technical work involved in setting up a quad with a GPS and generally you need to be able to fly without GPS for testing, tuning, and takeoff.

On another note, I found these GPS photography FPV drones on eBay and bought one for my wife.  It flies very well and very easily.  Good FPV.  Good video recordings (1080p).  Flies a real 25 minutes per charge.  Range 2km = 1.4miles.  $300 shipped ($205 shipped for a factory refurb).  I can't build one for that cost.  The only down side is that Parrot is having financial difficulty.
Parrot Bebop 2 FPV with Skycontroller 2

This one is more likely to charge tax when you buy inside USA

Factory refurbs for $205 shipped.  I have bought other Parrot refurbs from this eBay dealer and the ones I bought look brand new.

An eBay search for when those sellers run out
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