CC3D 16.09 firmware
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I bought a few years ago a CC3D. Now I would like to use it (yes !) but firmware appears to be "next" and from 2013. So it is not compatible with openpilot either 15.09 or 16.09.
I can't manage to find some other firmware for CC3D (example :
Where can I find 16.09 firmware. I am using windows, so I would like to avoid compiling something under linux.
More other openpilot says sometimes that it cannot enter DFU mode...
Thanks for any help

Re: CC3D 16.09 firmware
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If it is working with some old OpenPilot release, you may want to download software that matches your current firmware and get it flying with that as the easiest way to get flying.

You can download the 16.09 Windows release version from the link you posted, but you will basically be starting over as if it were a new aircraft.

You may need to update the bootloader.  You must follow the instructions carefully.  :)  Note that you must flash the regular firmware (manual method!) after flashing the bootloader because flashing the bootloader wipes out the regular firmware.

This page has bootloaders

and the instructions will send you to this page to flash the bootloader

Then you must go back to the first page and flash the normal firmware (manual method!).

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Thank you for your help but this is not working. There is a simple stupid unsaid trick found by a nice quebec guy here :

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Would you explain?

Google translate of that whole thread did not make anything jump out at me, and for the first video, speech to text followed by translation of the text gave nothing understandable.

If you discovered that you must unplug CC3D from USB, press UpgradeAndErase (or Rescue or Upgrade), THEN plug CC3D into USB, that is covered in the wiki instructions but could use a bit more information "Unplug power (that includes unplugging USB)".
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