SP Racing F3 Evo External Baro?
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Hi! My name is Henning and I develop drones for eduational purposes. Right now working on an affordable SPRacing F3 Evo brushed based hexacopter. I was using cleanflight succsessfully but then I wanted a Baro and got stuck. Because the drone will have autonomous features (front faced sonar for navigation trough corridors etc) I´m gonna need a working baro with althold. So far I have gotten the board flying with the Next release (thanks a lot guys!) and now it´s time to connect my BMP280 Baro.

To the question: Is it possible connect an external BMP280 to the SPracing F3 Evo (brushed) board?

Re: SP Racing F3 Evo External Baro?
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Not without some code changes.

In the past, we supported the BMP085.  I think the BMP280 is backward compatible with the 085, but I haven't verified this.  In LP the BMP085 has been superseded by the MS5611.  The BMP085 code is there, but it would need to be enabled and modified to get it working again.

It's possible that someone has a branch where they have done this, but I wouldn't count on it.  If someone does have such a private branch, maybe they will post about it here.

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I found this pull request https://bitbucket.org/librepilot/librepilot/pull-requests/426/lp-512-support-f3-boards/diff i might be wrong but it looks like someone implemented it there?

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Indeed it looks like support for BMP280 is built in to spracingf3evo


It looks like it is part of "next" for over a year.  If you already have next (less than a year old), you should have this support built in.

I saw comments about it not having some GUI support, so you may need to configure it manually in System->Settings

For some reason I thought you were wanting to do this with an add-on board.  Maybe that was another post.  :)