Stack Overflow critical/Arm issue
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Quad is a ZMR250...basic as basic can be. 30a SimonK's, 2205-2300kv, 5" props. matek PDB, CC3D bent pin, 3s 2200mAh, D4R2 Rx connected as ppm-pin8. Not even a camera. Actually I encountered this error with this board in another quad, but swapped FC's and am now focused on this boards problem using the above setup.

GCS is LP 16.09 r711
CC3D board wiped and reloaded FW several times, successfully.
All settings checked and quadruple checked, resetup several times. Loaded setup from another currently flying board...with same results.
Have reduced all modules and optional modules to bare minimum to save all possible memory and CPU.
Not my first LP/CC3D project. Have 3 others running, including a Heli. Not a newb.

Problem is after arming once the board reports a Stack Overflow Critical error that refuses to clear no matter how many times I reboot with Batt. However, if I plug in USB only to boot and connect, then pull the USB (without a proper disconnect button press), then reconnect with USB, the error is cleared. At that point I can disconnect from PC and go fly....once. Then it's the same procedure.

If I load UAV file on another board, I have no issues.

So am I looking at a bad board?

UAV file attached for your enjoyment.

Thanks :)


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Re: Stack Overflow critical/Arm issue
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Awesome, thank you.

I loaded the FW test and it seems to be functioning now, at least on the bench. 3 arms, 3 power offs, 3 reboots on battery and it seems perfect. Will throw several packs at it today. If you don't hear back, all is well. No news is good, right? If I have any other odd issues I'll come back to this thread.

Thanks again.