Problem with Wizart / sbus / taranis
« on: May 09, 2018, 02:56:16 pm »
Hi, I have a problem with Wizart and the configuration of my Taranis sbus, with a my plate revolution, Wizart identifies all the channels in the first part of the configuration, but in the second part of the test the program hangs and the previously identified channels are When switching between stiks or switches, the HTL function also does not identify

Re: Problem with Wizart / sbus / taranis
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This sounds like a known issue where GCS picture of transmitter does not show sticks moving.  This happens if you skip the Flight Mode Switch channel setup.  It actually works, but does not display correctly.  Either go back and do the FMS setup or carefully follow instructions about moving all configured sticks (and knobs, sliders, switches) and pretend they are moving correctly.

Is that what your problem is?

Re: Problem with Wizart / sbus / taranis
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Yes, since I left the radio setting for later and made several changes to the original configuration, I solved the problem by making Wizart updating everything from scratch and it worked. I am almost able to start the flight after much difficulty with the revo I got to use INAV, but I had problems with PDI and GPS. Returning to the LibrePilot I hope to achieve. Sorry my English
Thanks for the answer