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Want to Try FPV
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:36:25 pm »
I have  the following parts I'm going to install on my 250 Quad that I have been Flying line of sight      I have a CC3D FC and I have a Foxerer 600TVL/650TVL  CCD MINI FPV CAMMERA  That I'm going to mount one the front   the Transmitter is  an EACHINE VTX03
I have figured out how to wire it up (I think) Red Black and Yellow from Camera directly to the Red Black and Yellow on the TX
my biggest unknown is the Red and Black from the VTX03 can I just add a short pigtail and pick up 5V off one of the unused pins (the first 4 are used bye the ESC)  there are 2 more sets that are unused.   Or is there a more correct way to wire it up there are 3 additional Unused ports one is underneath were the ESC plug in and then there is 2 more that are on the Front face of the Board
any Help or advice would be Greatly appreacted    also if giving advice what googles could I get Been looking at the EACHINE EA 800D
I'm Blind in my Left eye if that makes any difference

Re: Want to Try FPV
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2018, 08:22:48 pm »
Sounds like you have the right ideas.

Ground wire is common to all devices.  VTx and cameras may need different power supply voltages.  Ground wire is used both for power supply ground and for video signal ground.  3S Lipo is close enough to 12V to use for that.  5V regulated from ESC works well if you need 5V.  Be aware that a linear BEC inside the ESC may get warmer because you are drawing more power.  Black/brown is ground.  Red is + some voltage (usually 5 or 12).  Yellow is video signal.  Sometimes white is sound.

Getting 5V power from the FC ESC connection sounds like an easy and reasonably correct way to do it.  The very worst that you might get would be some small amount video of video interference, but don't let that send you off to make wiring better when it just is not needed.

Be aware that if you are not nearsighted, then you will probably need reading glasses to use the goggles, especially if you are over 20 or so.  Most goggles were designed to be small and designed by a young, possibly near sighted person.  If you aren't near-sighted I recommend you research as to whether there is room in the goggles to wear glasses.  Also consider mounting a set of reading glasses inside.

I made my favorite goggles by cutting a pair in half to make them about 100mm longer.  They now focus where my eyes naturally focus and I could wear them for hours with no eye strain.

Buy the goggles you like. often has threads with users comments that can help with many things about that.  For your goggles, do you want:
- built in receiver
- diversity for receiver
- dvr to record videos with
- extra input or output connections